Office 2010 Activator Free For You!

Office 2010 activator are tools for you to activate your Microsoft Office 2010

office 2010 activator is a software to activate Microsoft office 2010. What is Microsoft office? It is a set of office suite programs, applications, servers and services. The software was developed by Microsoft and launched in the year 1990. Microsoft office 2010 is a version of the software released in the year 2010. From a commercial point of view, the product was a huge success. It sold over 300 million licences before sales were discontinued in Jan 31st 2013.

Main features of the software

  • The inclusion of office web applications. Office 2010 introduced a new group of web-based apps. They include online editions of services being offered e.g. word and excel. The applications works via windows live in conjunction with SharePoint.
  • Increased number of inbuilt themes. Microsoft increased the number of themes to 40. You can use the Themes across all platforms i.e. Excel, PowerPoint etc. This guarantees consistency in the outlook of your documents.
  • Addition of paste and backstage features. Some of the features added include a live view paste option. It enables users to see how your clipboard items will look like. The backstage view brings a new approach to customizing and managing your documents.
  • Improved security settings. Added features such as “protection mode.” Revamped author settings and restricted editing helps in securing your documents.
  • Improved multimedia editing options. The software improved its image editing options. In-video editing was introduced. They also added features such as screen capturing and video cutting.
  • Ability to customize ribbons. This feature enables users to reorganize multiple tabs and tools. Administrators were now able to design and issue customized ribbons to users. Customized ribbons gave users complete control over their design. Users also get to choose what items appear on its tabs.
  • Advanced menu system. The updated menu system has a new outlook and layout. It provides structured information based on various details. Details could range from files size, permissions and modifications. A new print and print preview menu was introduced.

Office 2010 Activator Free For You!

System requirements for Office 2010 Activator

  • Processor speed of 500 MHz or faster.
  • 0GB available hard disk space.
  • Display resolution of 1024X576 or higher.
  • At least 256MB RAM. For advanced functionality and graphics features, you need 512MB.
  • Operating system e.g. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Vista.
  • DirectX 9.0 graphics card with at least 64MB video memory. This enables graphics hardware acceleration.

Installation process

Office 2010 can be installed from a disc. In case one does not have a disc, you can download the software via the internet. Once the disc/software is acquired, use the following steps to install Office 2010.

  • For disc users, insert the disc into a readable drive. A setup wizard should start automatically. This applies to both users.
  • After the setup wizard opens, follow the default instructions given. You can choose to do a custom install or personally select your preferred destination folder.

In most cases a product key is required to install the software. After installation is complete, activation is required to keep your programs fully functioning.

How to activate Office 2010

After successfully installing office 2010 in your PC, the company gives you a 30 day trial period. When the trial period elapses, one is required to activate the software. Failure to do so leads to limited and reduced functionality

If you wish to activate Office 2010 without a product key, the Office 2010 activator would be of great use. As mentioned earlier, the software activates Office 2010 products. Examples of Office 2010 activators include:

Office 2010 Activator Free For You!

  1. KMSpico

KMSpico is an activation tool to activate Microsoft Office and Windows products. It ensures unlimited activation for all Windows or Office products. Built-in features make the software undetectable to Microsoft servers.

Downloading and installing the software

Here are some of the steps for downloading and installing the KMS tool.

  • Make sure that the firewall and all antivirus software is off.
  • Visit the official site to download the application.
  • Once the PC downloads the application, install it on your PC.
  • After installing the activator, locate the installation directory. Look for the folder KMSPICO.
  • Once you find the folder, open the file KMSeldi.exe to run the application.

How it works

  • Initiate the activation process by clicking on the activation button.
  • Right-click the install icon. This enables the setup to work on your PC system.
  • When the process is complete, restart your computer to activate all Office 2010 products.

Advantages of KMSpico activator

  • Activation lasts a lifetime.
  • Certain features make it hard to detect by Microsoft servers.
  • Constant updates help in keeping your products genuine.
  • Free from malware and viruses.
  • Accessible to all users for no price.
  • Does not require the internet for its activation process.
  • Size occupied by the application is relatively small.
  1. Re-loader activator

It activates all versions of Microsoft products. Similar to the KMSpico activator.

Downloading and installation process

  • First, ensure that the firewall and anti-virus systems is off.
  • Download and extract the re-loader activator from the official website
  • Follow the instructions and guidelines given to install the applications.

How it works

  • After installation open the application.
  • Follow the instructions given to activate Office 2010.

NB: Unlike the KMSpico activator, one does not require to restart the computer to activate your product.


  • Small in size as compared to other applications.
  • Quick in performing activation procedures.
  • Also, One does not require network access to activate your products.
  • Availability of tools for scanning and recommending activation procedures to be chosen for your Microsoft product.
  • Free to download and use.
  1. Microsoft tool kit

One of the best tools users can use to activate Microsoft products.

How it works

  • First, disable the firewall and anti-virus system.
  • Open the control panel, go to systems and security.
  • Click on change user account control settings and select never notify.
  • Download the Microsoft tool kit from the following source
  • Once the download is complete install the software and open the application.
  • Run the program with administration rights.
  • An activation tab pops up, click on ‘EZ-Activator’. After a few seconds it will activate your product.
  • Finally, Done! Enjoy.


All in All, the Office 2010 activator is a resourceful tool that users can benefit from to activate Office 2010 products. The application is simple to use and easy to understand. It also proves to be beneficial to users in that they can enjoy Office 2010 products for free.

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