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About Windows XP Product Key

In 2001, Microsoft introduced its famous operating system by the name of Windows XP. This update came up with an array of innovation. The new features and strategies with which Windows XP was integrated proved itself revolutionary in the world of computers. Even now besides being old, it is among the best-operating systems introduced ever.

Few worth-to-know facts about Windows XP:

  • It is the most durable (having a long life) operating system.
  • Also, it made its name as the third most widely used operating system.
  • The word “XP” in Windows XP stands for eXPerience
  • Windows XP is an updated version of Windows 2000.
  • Windows XP operating system has several different versions including Windows XP Professional and Windows XP home.
  • Microsoft discontinued supporting Windows XP five years ago.

Different Versions Of Windows XP

The operating system, Windows XP has released several editions to fulfil the specific demands of its users. For example one of its editions is for home users while the other is for business professionals. Let’s have a look at versions of Windows XP.

  • Windows XP Professional- To expand the maximum RAM, Windows XP came up with Windows XP Professional Edition. This version supports 128 GB of RAM unlike other versions of Windows XP and is designed for the business professionals.
  • Windows XP Home- This edition is designed for home users. Unlike the Professional version, this edition lacks a backup program and supports only one processor.
  • Windows XP 64-bit- It is similar to the professional version as it supports 64-bit hardware. However, the processor is different in both the versions. Windows XP 64-bit is developed for IA-64 processor.
  • Windows XP Home Edition (ULCPC)- For users with a low budget, this edition of Windows XP is designed. This (the Ultra-low-cost Personal Computer) version enables the user to experience all the basic functions of an operating system at a low price.

Windows XP Product Key Free For You!

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Revolutionary Features Of windows XP product key:

Windows XP In Reference To Its Predecessors

To make it the best-known futuristic update, Microsoft projected Windows XP with disruptive features. It was integrated with such modern characteristics which, for that time, were revolutionary. The features of Windows XP are listed below:

  • Windows XP allowed its users to burn files straight through Windows Explorer. Hence, users are not required to install separate software for burning CDs.
  • This operating system made it possible for users to approach their far-off computer desktop using any other PC.
  • Installing Windows XP on your PC, you can uninstall the driver and once installed, just go ahead and pull it back to the previously functioning conditions.
  • Before the development of Windows XP, operating systems deny support for many devices. Windows XP has improved this feature by allowing support to a number of devices.

Upgraded Windows XP

Over time, everything becomes advanced and new ideas keep turning into reality. In the technical world, a gadget or software can survive only if it gets upgraded with time. Considering this fact, Microsoft upgraded Windows XP integrating several new splendid features which are given below:

  • Hibernate: This feature enables the user to save their progress as it is. More clearly, users can shut down their PCs leaving their programs running. The desktop position will get saved and the users can access it easily after starting up.
  • Manages Photo Effectively: Windows XP itself performs the duty of a photo managing software. It handles, organizes and manages photos very efficiently and also provides an improved printing characteristic.
  • Crash Proof: The upgraded Windows XP possess the advanced features due to which it crashes very rarely.
  • High-Speed Performance: The upgrade has improved the performance of the OS manifold. While surfing through the internet, you will surely notice a swiftness in the performance of the Windows XP operating system.

Windows XP With Reference To Other Operating Systems

Although Windows XP is an old operating system, it is superior to many other well-known OSs introduced till now in many aspects. Even after being outdated and losing support from its launcher Microsoft, Windows XP is popular still now. Why is it so? Because-

  • Windows XP does not have a server version.
  • It is fast and requires comparatively fewer resources.
  • It is an old (and hence cheap) but still a perfectly good working system.

About Product Key

As the name suggests, the product key of a software program is like a key or a code to it. The product key is required by many applications at the time of installation.


To make sure that each copy of the program, which the manufacturer sells, is purchased lawfully.

Installing Windows XP

There are two ways through which you can install the Windows XP operating system- using a product key and without using a product key. Whether the product key is required or not depends on the labeling of thee copy of the CD or DVD which you are going to use for installing Windows XP.

  • When A Product Key Is Not Required

If ‘VOL ( Volume Licensing for Organization)’ is written on the Disc, you are not required to provide the product key for its installation. But why is it so? Just because the copy which you are using is fake. This may interrupt your data and may cause problems. So be aware!

  • When A Product Key Is Required

When you notice ‘VLK’ written on the disk, the case becomes different. For that, you have to put forward the Windows XP product key in order to install it. Always use this genuine method to install Windows XP. Through this, you can avoid data interrupting issues and related errors.

How Can You Operate Windows XP With its Product Key?

Now as you have selected the genuine Windows XP disk for installation, you can activate it following these simple steps-

  • First, just move your mouse over the start bottom.
  • Right click
  • Select Properties
  • Click on Windows Activation
  • You will be given a choice by which you can alter the Professional Product Key.
  • Enter the Product Key of your operating system in the box.
  • Hold on till the process ends.

And finally, your work is done and your experience can commence.

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