The Microsoft Project software has been designed by Microsoft Company to help a project manager in formation of a plan, assigning resources to tasks, checking on progress, handling the budget, and analysis of project workloads.

Initially, the software was an application basically based on windows but over the years after its inauguration, it became the central software used in Computers.

The software is part of the Microsoft Office family but has not yet been involved in any of the Office suites. However, it`s available in two editions; that is professional and standard editions.

Microsoft project together with its server are the key pillars in the Microsoft Office enterprise Management product. The change of enterprise from one type to the next may be facilitated by the ability of this product to interrelate with the earlier versions of the server.


Microsoft is the world`s most common project management software that has so far been established by Microsoft Company. The application is stated earlier on has been designed to help project managers in management of budgets and other assignments.

Microsoft project forms essential track agendas, although a critical sequence third-party add-ons is present from pro-chain and round Angle. Schedules can be resource levelled. The sequence is seen in a Gantt chart.

Resource meanings can be divided among projects using a shared resource pool .Each resource can have its own events which elaborates what days and shifts are accessible. Resource rates are used to calculate resource assignment budget which are moved up and summarized by the resource level.

Each resource can be assigned to several tasks in plans and each assignment can be given many resources. The Microsoft schedules work based on the resource availability as defined in the resource calendar. It provides budgets depending on assignment work and resource amounts.

The project determines the cost equals by the rate used. This moves up to the task point, summary tasks and finally to the project level. The task has been prolonged with Microsoft Office Project Server and Microsoft Project Website Access. The Project server stores Project information in a database. Project web Access allows user to demonstrate and improve this data through the Internet. Web allows authorized users to access a Project server database over the Internet.

Web access involves;

  • Timesheets
  • Graphical analysis of resource tasks.
  • Administrative tools.

Microsoft identifies various classes of users. These different classes of users can have varying access levels to projects, views and other data. However, custom objects such as calendar, views, tables, filters are stored in an enterprise global database, which is shared by all users.



A good number of Microsoft software products usually give customers a 30 day free test. This license enables the users to check on the rate of the product and if it suites their needs before making payments for the license. However, several schools offer free Microsoft services to teachers and students and hence cutting down the costs. Alternatively, one may prefer using KMV compared to Microsoft since they are more affordable.

The Visio- project can be downloaded without necessarily using a product key. One of the key requirements is that an individual must first download the latest version before anything else. The project is usually stored as an ISO file after the download is complete. Finally once the download is complete, you do an installation so as to begin the process.

The user will be granted a 30 day free trial and thereafter all the other features will be disabled requiring you to buy a license key to continue using. On the other end, KMV method usually offers a 6months free license before requiring you to buy another. Many customers prefer using KMV method compared to Microsoft software.

The Project can be used to plan and regulate projects. In a situation where data has to be shared, one is advised to convert the data to PDF form before transferring it to a different group. Document sharing is more convenient when it`s stored in PDF form because the receiver on the other end is not required to have a Microsoft project on their PC.

PDF`s have been designed in such a way that Windows and Mac Operating systems can open them compared to other files. However by converting the original document the user should select Nova PDF as a printer and the document will be converted.


Nova PDF is a practical printer that operates satisfactory much in the same way as the usual printer operates but the only contrast would be the results achieved from printing which is found on an electronic file and not in a paper doc. To be able to print an Office Project file to a PDF document all you need to follow this instructions:

  • First, you open the Microsoft project then you move your cursor to file and click. Look for the file you want and open it.
  • Once the document has opened, take your cursor back to File and look for print in the list. You will be required to choose advanced settings then you print.
  • In the new window for save PDFas you need to type in a name and click on Ok to begin the conversion process.


The Project has been designed to permit different reports to be changed easily to PDF format without following heavy procedures. This is however important when handling heavier projects. The procedure for conversion to PDF format is as easy as shown below.

  • First, you need to open the Microsoft office in your PC and click on the specific project you are working on.
  • The final step you open the specific report type and print.
  • Move your mouse to the File icon and look for Print on the list. Upon clicking, novapdf will pop up in the list. Click on Ok and you are done.



Microsoft office 2010 product key is one of the most innovative software producers of our time. This is evident in their frequent quest to improve the services offered to their customers, creating newer versions of already produced software. Microsoft Office 2010 product key is one of such. It is the successor of Microsoft 2007. The development and research of this product key kicked off in the year 2006 and by June 2010, it was ready for online purchase to users. This asset which is also referred to as Office 14 has done better than its predecessor already with its new features. It is a Microsoft Office productivity suite created for Windows.

On purchasing it, this software comes with its product key. Its many features make it a best seller for researchers, human resource personnel, development professionals and sales people and it helps them produce better work.

This software version has a unique user interface which is called a Backstage view interface. This feature replaces the Office menu which was known with the previous version; Office 2007. Its purpose is to assist users gain access to tasks and document management sharing by merging them in one location.

It also uses the ribbon feature which was introduced in the previous version. The ribbon has Outlook, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word and it is the main interface that all applications use.

You can find the following features in this new software:

  • It comes with a standalone sandbox domain which protects users safe from malware and virus.
  • It comes with OneDrive integration
  • It has SharePoint integration
  • It has a protected view
  • It offers users the opportunity to co-author. This allows more than one user to work on a document at the same time.
  • With its modified paste button, users can select from the many options which help to conserve time and energy.
  • The PowerPoint feature that comes with this version has a Broadcast Slide Show which makes it possible for instant broadcast presentations.
  • It has better working picture and media functions.
  • Its file format support functions better
  • Some of its other new features like the Sparklines and Slicer give you valid details concerning your data.

This is the first version that comes in two forms; IA-32 and x64. The x64 version has poor functionalities with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.  It also is the first to require product activation for volume license editions. It however works well with Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows XP SP3 and many others.

Unlike its predecessor, this version was well received by many people. It was praised for the new features it has like the Backstage view interface, the functions of the ribbons and how they work with applications. In not so many years, well over 200 million copies of this version’s license were sold. Unfortunately, its sale was discontinued in January 2013. From October 13th 2015, it no longer received mainstream support and news has it that by October 13th 2020, its extended support will come to an end.

UI Additions That Come With This Version

  • The ribbon has an equation tool contextual tab that is supported by OneNote mathematical equations and PowerPoint.
  • The icons meant for its apps have been improved upon. They are now colour-based in consonance with their apps.
  • It comes with a splash screen which has a better outlook in comparison to that of its predecessor. It displays animations when launched.
  • Unlike the blue screen that comes with the previous version, this new version has a silver default screen. It also has a 5.1 contrast ratio, making it accessible for better reading.
  • With the new arrangement guides which are features in its Publisher and PowerPoint, users can arrange their items to align with a network.
  • Users now have access to Action which was known as Smart tags in the previous versions from the context menu.


  • This new and improved version has a feature known as Accessibility Checker in Word, PowerPoint and Excel which scans documents in search of faults that would otherwise have negative effects on users with visual impairments. By clicking the button labelled Check for Issues on the group known as Prepare for Sharing, you can access this feature. It can be found on the information of the Backstage view’s tab. Click the button and it leads you to a task panel which has an inventory of problems based on the documents’ accessibility. It proffers solutions to this problem too.
  • One of it several features is the Mini Translator. This feature permits the translation of words in OneNote, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. These translated texts are displayed in the tooltip and audio pronunciations of selected words are done by a text to speech voice feature of Microsoft which is installed in the device. Users can send translations to other documents. It has a feature referred to as Speak that makes audio pronunciation possible which is accessible through the translate feature known as Mini translator. It is important to note that you need to have the text to speech application installed in the aid selected language field to activate this feature. Text to speech applications can be downloaded from Microsoft but sadly, if installed on Windows XP, the Speaker feature does not function.

Its new interface has information about language options with similar elements, hyperlinks for downloading more content and a ScreenTip language element that helps users personalize the language of tooltips.


This software comes in three packages and they can all be purchased online.

  • Office Professional version: $499
  • Home and Business version: $279.95
  • Home and Student version: $149.95

You can also make purchases from reliable websites. For the full activation of this software, it is mandatory you have the right product keys. This software version has no update available.


Microsoft 2010 product key is a treasure to have by any PC user. It comes in different packages that will be beneficial to various categories of users. Its special features make work less tedious and cumbersome for many. It comes at a god price and is also available for trial just in case you would like to know what it offers before purchasing it.

Microsoft office 2010 Product Key/Activation key 32 Bit


Microsoft office 2010 Product Key/Activation key 64 Bit


Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010


Microsoft Project Professional 2010



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windows 7 product key



Microsoft Visio software falls under the category of Microsoft office products. The software performs different functions. Some of the functions include drawing various types of diagrams such as organization charts, flow charts, flow diagrams and 3D maps. The application was first created in 1992, developed by Shapeware Corporation. It was purchased by Microsoft in the year 2000. The software is available in two editions i.e.

  • Microsoft Visio standard: Simplifies complicated data through straightforward diagrams. It includes basic flowcharts and expensive multi-purpose diagrams.
  • Microsoft Visio professional: Includes all functions provided by the standard version. The major difference is that it comes with additional features such as updated shapes, templates and different styles.

Main features of the software

  • Ability to link diagrams to ever changing data. This makes it easy for users to understand complex information.
  • Various tools that allow one to effortlessly cooperate as a team on diagrams. The tools aid in simplifying team work by allowing people to view reviewer’s comments. They also allow sharing of diagrams with other members.
  • Themes that can be easily applied to create modern diagrams.
  • Business processes and brainstorming diagrams.
  • DWG files that can be easily imported into the software.
  • Variety of shape effects alternatives and customization options such as shadow, bevel and glow.

What are the system requirements for installation?

To successfully install the software without experiencing complications, the following requirements should be met.

  • A computer with a processor of 1 Gigahertz (GHZ) and above. The processor can be either x86-bit or x64-bit with a SSE2 manual.
  • At least 2 GB RAM.
  • 0 GB hard disk space or more.
  • Screen resolution of 1280X800.
  • DirectX 10 graphics card.
  • An operating system e.g. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 etc. For maximum efficiency one should consider using the latest version of any operating system.
  • Compatible browsers which include internet explorer, Microsoft edge, chrome, Mozilla Firefox or nightly.

Where can I access this software?

Just like all Microsoft office products, the software is not available for free in the long run. It has a 30 day trial period. When the 30 day period elapses, one is required to purchase a license/ product key. The standard edition version goes for around 300USD while the professional version costs 590USD.  This can prove to be quite expensive for most users. The preference for most users is to download the software from trusted sources online. This is a way cheaper option as compared to buying the original product. The only thing required is a stable ISP (internet service provider). Let us look at the various ways one can activate the software without using the product key.


  • KMS activation method: KMS is short for key management service. It involves the following steps:
  1. Configuring your machine to locate a local KMS activation server.
  2. Once the server is found, the software installed is then activated for a time period of 180 days.
  3. The software then attempts to reconnect to the KMS activation server. It usually occurs once a week. If the connection proves to be successful the timer is then reset to 180 days again.

NB: Always make sure that your software accesses a KMS server before the 180 days expire. Failure to do so initiates the 30 day trial period again. A warning sign is then displayed on your screen.

  • Find genuine product keys online. Sites such as offer product keys. The product keys are accessible to anyone who has stable internet. Beware that most of the keys provided will not work. Chances that someone else has already used the product keys provided are high.
  • Renew the software manually. It involves a series of steps illustrated below:
  1. First copy the KMS code provided in the following link. The code should be copied into a new text document. Do not forget to copy the right code for your product.
  2. Paste the code into the new text document. Once the code is pasted, save the document as a batch file with a cmd extension e.g. “view.cmd.”
  • Open the batch file and run it as an administrator.
  1. You can now go and confirm whether your activation has been validated. Your status should inform you that your product is activated.

NB: the license provided by KMS usually expires after 180 days. However, one can always renew your software manually. This can be achieved by running the cmd file anytime.

Advantages of installing the software 

  • Easy non-rigid interface that users can use. The interface is also flexible and intuitive in nature.
  • Has a general drawing tool(s) that can provide any special functions users may have or want.
  • One can easily locate and access the features and tools needed hastily.
  • Automated drawing features help in creating and modifying diagrams much faster as compared to other applications. Some of the features include new and improved tools that aid in lessening the work load.
  • Helps in simplifying diagrams by organizing shapes that are related visually and logically.
  • Gives your diagrams a more professional and appealing look.
  • Connects dynamic visuals and shapes to real-time data.
  • Increases connectivity amongst users. This is made possible by sharing interactive and refreshable information through the browser.
  • Diagram validation process ensures that diagrams are more accurate and consistent.

Disadvantages of installing the software

  • Time consuming in nature. Users have to spend a lot of time learning how to use the software properly. Understanding how the symbols are applied can also prove to be quite difficult.

Why you should consider installing Microsoft Visio

As you can see, the software is an invaluable asset for documenting an entire computer network. The application is one of the best software’s you can use for designing diagrams. It can prove to be very resourceful when documenting an organization’s needs. Automated diagrams and flow charts make it easier for users to access data and analyze it effectively. So what are you waiting for? Download and install the application for free and enjoy the various benefits on offer.




Windows 7 Professional Product Key 32/64bit 2019 for Free


Windows 7 Professional Product Key is a Microsoft operating system. It is the seventh edition of Microsoft Windows launched in October 2009. There are six different versions of the software offered by Microsoft. They include: Windows Starter, Windows Home Premium, Windows Professional, Windows Ultimate, OEM and Windows Enterprise.

Windows 7 Professional was mainly formed for business purposes. Data has shown that the Professional edition is very popular among home enthusiast and other users as well. Users tend to prefer it due to its simplicity, hastiness and security features. After installing the operating system, users get a one month free trial period to use the product. When the time period elapses, a product key is required to activate your copy of Windows. Due to the expensive nature of the product and licence keys, websites have devised ways people can access product keys for free.

Main features of the software

  • Enhanced online protection: Windows Defender application protects the PC from internet threats such as viruses, malware and spyware.
  • Inclusion of XP mode: Windows 7 professional gives users the flexibility to run older Windows XP products and applications. This makes it compatible with older software.
  • Ability to restore files or folders deleted accidentally. In case the hard drive fails, one can restore the computer to a previous date.
  • Increased levels of performance and reliability.
  • The Location-Aware Printing feature: It allows users to easily share documents, printers and devices across multiple computers.
  • Encrypting file systems ensures that confidential information is secured and protected. Personal information such as ATM pins and employee’s profiles are not accessed easily.
  • Pop-up previews and instant searches help you find things quickly. The Windows 7 activation centre helps you identify and solve issues swiftly.
  • Files can be easily accessed from remote locations. This is made possible via the remote media streaming.
  • Presentation mode: Designed to give users control over certain aspects while giving presentations. They include ability to alter volume levels, different wall paper modes and preventing pop-ups and messages from running.

Windows 7 Professional Product Key ( 32 bit )


Other Windows 7 Professional Product Key ( 64 bit )


System requirements for installation

The following specifications must be met for you to install Windows Professional.

  • Processor speeds of 1 GHz or faster.
  • At least 1GB RAM (for 32-bit) or 2GB RAM (for 64-bit computers.)
  • 16GB hard disk space (for 32-bit) or 20GB (for 64-bit.)
  • DirectX9 graphics card.
  • The WDDM driver should be at least 1.0.

How to check your computer’s specifications

Users who wish to check their computer specifications may do so by following these steps:

  • Go to the start menu, open it and navigate to the control panel.
  • Open the control panel option. Go to the systems and security option. Open it then navigate to the system options.
  • Open the system option to view details about your PC. Data given include speed of the processor, installed memory (RAM) available hard disk space and more specifications.

The information provided will help you know whether your PC meets the minimum requirements needed to install the software.

How do you get a Windows 7 pro product key for free?

Once the operating system is installed successfully, a product key s required to activate your copy of Windows. A product key is a serial code used by Microsoft to verify your copy of Windows. Without a product key, users are prevented from enjoying the full features that come with the operating system.

In case users do not have the money to purchase the original product or a license key, the following options can be pursued:

  • Using a keygen activator to generate a windows 7 product key for your PC.
  • Copy and paste a product key from various links on the internet.

Let us look at how these methods can be applied successfully to obtain a product key for free.

  1. Using a keygen activator:

A keygen, short form for ‘key generators’ is an application used to generate product keys for software programs and operating systems. The application is normally developed in a safe and secure way. Products activated with licenses generated by keygen are not easily detected by software developers.

How does keygen work?

Key generators try to imitate the key sequences needed during installation of a program. This eliminates the need to purchase a product key. They also come with well equipped spoofing servers. The servers are used to seize communication between the software and actual servers. Once the communication process is intercepted, it provides the validation feedback expected form the actual servers. This gives a false impression that the software has been validated by the relevant authorities.

Activating Windows 7 Professional with a key generator

Follow the sep-by-step process given below to activate your copy of windows.

  • Download the key generator for your software. In this case a keygen for Windows 7 Pro.
  • Once the download is complete, select the software you intend to use on the key generator.
  • Click on the generate option. This generates the product key required for activation. In case your key generator comes with a patch function, generate the key and click on patch to proceed.
  • Open the software required for activation. When queried on your product key, enter the product key generated via the keygen.
  • Once the process is complete, your software should be fully activated.

You may encounter complications during this process. If issues tend to arise, you can repeat this procedure until the desired software is activated.

  1. Outsourcing a product key from internet links

Free Windows 7 Pro product keys can be found in many sites online. Finding a legitimate product key that works online can be hard. Most of the product keys available on the internet can be accessed by anyone. This makes it very hard to find a legitimate product key online. Users should refrain from obtaining product keys from unreliable sources. Some of these sites contain viruses and malware intended to infect your PC. It is advisable to proceed with caution when using product keys found online.

Why you should contemplate using Windows 7 Professional

Users should consider using Windows 7 Pro due to its high popularity. The simplistic nature of the software makes it very resourceful. Are you looking for a simple and secure operating system? If so, Windows 7 Professional is the way to go.

Windows 7 Professional Product Key 32/64bit 2019 for Free

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 Without Product Key

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 Without Product Key

The introduction of Office Suites way back in 1988 by Bill Gates has brought tremendous growth especially in business sectors as word processing and spreadsheet templates flourished. The monumental advancement in this client software architecture paved way for multiple variants to be introduced in the market. Presently, after the success of Microsoft Office 2016, the all-new Microsoft Office 2019 with entrancing features and superior performance enters the arcade. The talk of the town is how would one afford it? Will it be adequately priced or do users will have to fork out an incredible amount of money just to upgrade it from an older version. Neither.

Fortunately, the evolution of technology has correspondingly supported the insurgence of tech geeks who managed to find a way around. Like much other software that requires a license key, Microsoft Office 2019 demands the activation of its 25-character license key before users can fully utilize it. By launching a batch file that is easily available from the internet, all users will enjoy the perks of exploiting this novel office suite as if it has been purchased from the developer’s website. This article’s primary focus is to show “How to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 Without Product Key”.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 Without Product Key

Installation Steps & Key Features

Principally, any user would be able to download an installation file from Microsoft’s website. When a download is complete, just ensure the following steps are performed correctly.

  • Find for a product key code from any available website.
  • Copy the code you see there and paste it into a next text document. To do this, just right-click anywhere on the Desktop and insert a New Text Document. On the empty space, paste the code and save the file under any name but remember to use the “.CMD” file extension. This is a vital step to ensure the batch program runs correctly.
  • Look for the newly saved batch program file. Usually, it is the icon with two cogs. Right-click on the icon and select “Run as administrator”. After some time, you will see a Command Prompt window that is initiated.
  • On the window, some background processing is being done. Please wait while this is finished. The message “Activating your Office…” will be shown.
  • Finally, when no interruptions occur, the status “Product activation successful” is displayed. Voila! Your Microsoft Office 2019 is activated successfully.
  • To verify, open any Office 2019 application like Word and click on the Account tab. From there, you would be able to see the status showing, “Product Activated”.

Employing these simple methods will unlock your trial version of the software and provide you with full features without paying a single cent. The crucial parts are getting the right code to save in the text document and to remember to save the file as “.CMD” type. Whenever the brand new office suite is installed on a new computer, just transfer the batch file containing the activation code and launch it for enabling immediate access to the office application program.

System Requirement

With improved functionalities, a stunning look and numerous benefits, the Office 2019 bundle is a compact software solution that demands some decent specifications to operate efficaciously. Users can check off the criterions below to ensure the product can be handled by your machine.

  • At least 1.6 GHz or faster processing speed. Computers with a 2.0 GHz processor is optimal enough to support the load of the office suite.
  • An adequate amount of RAM. Around 4GB is recommended for computers running a 64-Bit operating system. For 32-Bit machines, we suggest at least 2GB of RAM.
  • Storage of 4GB is paramount to install and launch the program. Anything below that will not be supported.
  • Due to various editing styles, the office suite requires a minimum of 1280 x 768 resolution dimension. The extra pixels compared to conventional monitors aid in projecting a vibrant editing tool when dealing with pictures or charts.
  • Decent graphics with hardware acceleration and DirectX 9.0 compatibility.
  • ONLY works on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.

Important Advantages

There are multiple options to get Microsoft Office 2019 on your computer. If you have Office 365, the upgrade to the latest version will be automatically initialized. Then you can activate the program by following the procedures mentioned early in this article. Some of the benefits of activation without a product key are listed below.

  • Completely easy-to-use instructions that are available on the internet. Locate a genuine website with good reviews and follow the tutorial.
  • There are no risks of malware or virus attacks on your computer. This is largely credited to having the activation program in a separate server without having to install the license key on the computer.
  • The batch file that is launched for activation works with most versions of Microsoft Office 2019 without crashing.
  • Satisfied users and overall positive feedback provide recognition for the activation tool.


The biggest concern for activation without a product key is the compatibility issue. Currently, only owners of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 are capable to use Office 2019 freely. Support for other versions of Windows is not available at the moment. Besides, the other challenge users face is the demanding requirement of the office software application to run efficiently. For many homeowners and students, equipping a decent system is still a far cry if compared to the requirement by the new office suite. Tackling these two issues would be critical for Microsoft Corporation to ensure user satisfaction is maintained.


Generally, purchasing Microsoft Office 2019 costs around $439.99. But by employing the method shown in this article, people can enjoy the same perks absolutely for free. The more important step would be to initiate the launch properly by following the right instructions and not to fall for a bogus code when saving the text document.


Decisively, in this article “How to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 Without A Product Key”, we have compiled the steps required to facilitate a smooth activation process to take place. Notably, getting the right source to obtain the activation code is of utmost importance before performing the remaining steps. After completing the procedure, users will be able to enjoy the full benefits of the new office suite without needing to pay a single cent.

Objective Point of View

The step-by-step instructions mentioned in this article provide an easy and swift way to activate Microsoft Office 2019 without using a product key. All the major steps are defined methodically to ensure correct activation can take place and instantly unlock access for users looking forward to operating this software.

Windows 10 Product Key Free For You 2019



Windows 10 product key is a series of computer operating systems that have been produced by Microsoft as their key operating systems.Windows10 was released on July 15, 2015 for production and was later released to the markets for sale on July 29, 2015. New builds are done on a regular basis to suit the customers’ needs. The mainstream builds done on windows 10 are usually labelled YY MM whereby YY represents year whereas MM represents the month of production.

One of the key characteristics of Windows 10 is that it supports universal apps. This is a modification of the Metro-style apps that was first introduced in Windows 8 .The Universal apps are well designed to run across multiple Microsoft products that are compatible with the software. These include; Tablets, PCs, Embedded systems, Xbox, Mixed Reality and Surface Hub. Windows User interface was developed to handle the basic transitions between a touch screen optimized interface and a Mouse-oriented interface.

The company has also come up with other innovations such as; Microsoft Edge web browser to replace Internet explorer, Virtual desktop system, Task view which acts as the desktop management system, Face recognition login and other security features for enterprise environments. The company received several reviews on the innovations found in Windows 10 compared to previous versions. The company also released other developments including Cortana Personal assistant and Xbox Live integration.

Windows 10 Product Activation Keys (All Versions)

The Windows is a combined version of both Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating Systems. The Menu and windows 8 excellent features have been combined to form the New Windows. It works well with any of the Microsoft Windows OS PC and has been created with advanced features that enable users to have a wonderful experience while using it.


The Product Keys are also known as item keys and are usually used by Programming engineers. They have been developed to suit the user’s needs.

List of Windows 10 Product Keys

The company has produced several product keys in the market. These include;

  • Windows 10 Home Edition Keys
  • Windows 10 Product Key: Technical Preview for consumer
  • Windows 10 Product Number
  • Key for Every Kind of Edition
  • 2017 Product Keys For Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Single Language Key
  • Windows 10 Education
  • Windows 10 Pro Serial Key


This is the main procedure of activating windows 10 using a batch file.

Steps to follow

  1. Open the notepad in your Computer on your Windows 10 Whose activation is to be done.
  2. Paste the downloaded code on the notepad.
  3. Save the file as .bat file.
  4. Right Click on the file and then left click on-Run as Administrator
  5. A command prompt will pop up. This should not worry you as everything is in order.
  6. If prompted for any action, click Yes
  7. The computer will reboot automatically and windows will come back as needed.
  8. You can then check the activation status by following the same procedure. You will realize that it’s activated.

Windows 10 can be upgraded so long as the Windows 7/8 is installed in the Pc. However, fake soft wares will cause trouble during installation of Windows 10 OS in your Pc. The user should therefore ensure that the software being used is genuine.

Windows 10 Product Key


Advantages of Windows 10 Product Key

  • Windows 10 product key helps you to discover your windows item key.
  • It enables one to have super quick outputs.
  • Compact application.
  • It helps in locating an item.

The Technical Preview of Windows 10

Most of the Information Technology experts have in the long run reviewed the new windows and said that it’s the best and flexible for use by users in the entire world. Since its innovation, the windows has so far hit the market with many upgrades. This is due to its key features. The Windows OS All Editions that have been released include;

  • Windows 10 Home(N)
  • Windows 10 Professional(N)
  • Windows 10 Enterprise (N|) among others.

The Windows incorporates the experience of the user and how it works with different devices. The Microsoft store works as the key storefront for applications, any content on Video and also e-books. It allows web apps and other soft wares in the desktop to be packaged easily for packing and for delivery in Microsoft store. All developers are in a position of allowing users with compatible devices to have access to licenses after purchase. That is; a user who buys an app using his or her PC has permission to use his or her smartphone at no higher costs.

The User Interface and Desktop features

There is a start menu right at the desktop of the windows together with a listing of various places and other options found on the left side of the desktop. Titles of different applications are also located on the right. The menu can be modified to full screen display which is usually default in the Tablet mode. Right below it is the Task view which usually displays all the open windows and makes it easy for the user to switch between different windows at any time they need it. All the universal apps which were only usable in Full screen mode are now used as other programs in the independent windows. The program windows can also be moved to one side of the screen and thorough that the task view gives out a prompt to the user to select the second window and use the side of the screen that has not been used.

The windows has been designed to harmonize its user interface depending on the type of gadget being used and also the input methods that are available. It’s in a position of giving two different user interface modes at the same time and has been designed specifically for the mouse, keyboard and the tablet mode created for touchscreens. Users can comfortably switch between the two modes at any single time. Windows however can automatically switch between the modes depending on the events that takes place in the PC for example when mouse or keyboard is plugged in.

Windows 10 Product Key Free For You 2019

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Windows 7 Product Key 100% Working Serial Keys {Latest}

What’s new about Windows 7?

One of the first things you will notice about Windows 7 (especially if you’re upgrading from Vista), that it’s faster than its predecessor. It used to be the case that newer version of Windows required hardware changes to run optimally. However, Windows 7 runs significantly faster than Vista on the same hardware. People have noticed that it booted faster and applications operate in a much smoother fashion. Windows 7 can actually boot on a device that runs Windows XP.

Moreover, if you’re not running a SP1 version of Vista or higher, you will notice that Windows 7 is much more stable than the OS you’re currently running. It wasn’t until SP1 that the bugs which caused system crashes were handled.

One of the main reasons why I felt a huge difference between 7 and Vista, was because Windows 7 focused on the essentials and trimmed a lot of unnecessary programs that were on Vista which were of no use; programs like the Movie Maker are nowhere to be found on Windows 7, and you can  easily download these programs through Microsoft’s Windows Live Essentials website. One thing you will also notice straight away is that Windows Media Player 12 is supporting more video formats which allow you to actually use it instead of downloading a third-party video player. Formats like 3GP, AAC, Xvid, MOV are supported on the new media player.

What is a Windows product key?

Simply put, it’s a 25-characters long key that is used to activate your version of Windows 7. It is found on the CD case (I know what you’re thinking: “People still buy those in 2019?” They do, yes.) You will be asked to provide it during the installation process of your Windows 7.

How can I activate Windows 7?

windows 7 activation

Thought you’d never ask. The most common way of activating Windows 7 is the online method where you enter the product key and just click next. Simply, right click on “Computer,” then click on “Properties.” You will find “Activate Windows Now” at the bottom of the window. Once you click it, the system will check if there’s an internet connection. Afterwards, you will be directed to a window where you can choose various options to activate the product. If the system detected an internet connection, you will be able to click on “Activate Windows online now.” Once you do, a window will appear where you will be asked to enter the 25 character key. As stated previously, it must be a valid key that is unique to your version and copy of Windows 7. Other places where you might find the product key are underneath your laptop or on the back of your computer case. If you actually downloaded the product online, then you will find the product key in the confirmation e-mail. Once you enter the key, click on next. The activation process might take a few moments before showing you a message confirming that your product has been activated successfully. To ensure that everything went smoothly, we will check again on “Computer” to see the activation status of our version which was shown in the 2nd question. If it read that the product has been activated, then you can say goodbye to all those “Activate Windows” messages and pop-ups, and you can now enjoy the full version of Windows 7 with all its features and benefits.

How do I find out if my Windows 7 is activated?

On your desktop, you can right-click on “Computer” and choose “properties,” in the bottom of the window that will appear afterwards, you should see “Windows activation” and its status.

What if it showed that it hasn’t been activated?

There are several things you can do at this point. You can search online for a free product key (Good luck with that as Windows have discontinued Windows 7 which means that it is rather difficult to find a working product key). You can also get the product key by following instructions on your Windows system, and we will get to that in a bit.

What if I chose not to activate my Windows 7?

It’s a free country. You can choose not to activate it. However, you will be reminded by it constantly for the first 30 days of using the system. After the 30 days, you will be getting the “activate now” notification every hour, along with a background that is black. Windows will not allow you to change it back to the background of your preference as it will change back after an hour. You will be able to use Windows 7 without activating it through the product key for 120 days.

Windows 7 Product Key


windows 7 activation


I tried activating Windows 7 with the product key but I failed. Help!

There are many reasons as to why this might have happened: You might have entered the wrong product key for your Windows version (32/64 bit), you might have also entered a product key that has been used or is expired, because the product key is specific for every copy of Windows and it is created to ensure that your copy of Windows 7 was not used before by anyone before you. In order to figure out exactly what was the reason, you will need to consult the Microsoft support website. You can check the posts first to see if someone had exactly the problem that you have or had the same error message shown to him. Before using a product key you found online, you might want to check the comments on the website, to see what people who visited the website before you had to say when they tried the product keys that you’re attempting to use. In most cases, what happened to them will probably happen to you and you will be shown the same error message they received (No one is truly, utterly unique, you know). Checking the comment section will not take more than a couple of minutes and it will save you hours and hours of searching online trying to figure out how to get that product key to work successfully.

windows 7 activation

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Microsoft Office 2007 Product Key [ALL EDITIONS]

Microsoft Office 2007 product key

Over the years, Microsoft has had its hits and misses with software or hardware. Some of these applications never really took off or hit the ground running (Everybody is looking at you, Bing). Some of these hits/misses happened as versions of established software program. Microsoft Office is a prime example of that, and with MS Office 2007, Microsoft has definitely created a hit. In fact, Microsoft Office 2007 was so successful that Microsoft put the team in charge of it to fix the product line of Windows, resulting in the massive hit that was Windows 7!

With a set of new features that are cool and practical in equal measures, Microsoft Office 2007 includes a suite of features that address the needs of different types of users. In fact, there are 8 editions of it. Yes, you read that right, and we will break them down for you, and help you choose between them in a bit.

Microsoft Office 2007 Product Key [ALL EDITIONS]

But first, let’s check out the top 5 new features of Microsoft Office 2007 product key:

  1. The New User Interface

So we’ll start with the obvious. Once you open any program, e.g. Microsoft Word, you will notice the new interface and how it became much easier to navigate the different features on Word. The ribbon bar’s new ordering is much easier to use and makes more sense in terms of its organization.

Maybe you are thinking “Hey, what does a ribbon bar mean to begin with?” Maybe you’re not thinking that, but being the IT geek that I am, I like to explain everything in minute detail.

If you are as old as me, you might remember that actions in previous Microsoft Office versions used to be sorted in menus (File, View, etc…). This has been substituted by the ribbon; which groups all actions that are similar to each other into one group, instead of having to go from one menu to the other to edit a text’s font, color, and size, for instance. This is a huge practical change, and also is pretty cool.

  1. Easier Formatting

With Microsoft Office 2007 comes the option of Galleries; which is a feature that allows you to select from a family of formatting options to just “pick and click,” according to Microsoft website. So it basically saves you a lot of clicks (read: time and energy), to achieve the same result.

  1. Track & Compare

It’s common practice to collaborate on a word document with others. Microsoft Office 2007 understands that and offers two great features: Track & compare. The former allows you to track the changes your collaborators made on a document you’re working on, which is pretty neat, but let’s assume that your colleague forgot to track the changes they made to the document; this is where Compare feature comes in. The Compare feature will find these changes for you, ask you whether you would like to keep, replace, or merge these changes into the final version of the document you are working on.

  1. Document Inspector

So, you accepted the changes after comparing them. After writing, rewriting, tracking, and comparing. It is advisable you run the Document Inspector. Using it is fairly easy: From the Microsoft Office button on the top left corner, choose prepare, then Inspect Document, you will be asked to save the file first as it’s not always the case that you can retrieve information the Document Inspector removes. You will be able to choose which type of content you would like to inspect, be it Custom XML Data, Headers/Footers, Watermarks, or Hidden Text; the Document Inspector will sort it out for you and make sure that whatever you missed during the editing phase of your document will be made visible to you before pressing ctrl+s for the last time

  1. Push Pins

This may be a purely Word 2007 feature, but hey, Word 2007 is arguably the most used of all Microsoft Office 2007 programs, so this brilliant feature deserves some recognition. Basically what a Push Pin does is that it allows you to keep the file you want to keep opening from being pushed to the bottom of the “Recent Documents” tab. It’s a time saver, and it frees you from worrying about opening other files and pushing the primary file out of the list. You can now have at it, the push pin is there for you.

As I mentioned, there are 8 editions for the Microsoft Office 2007 for you to choose from.  Here are the 8 editions, with the programs included in each edition:

  • Microsoft Office Basic: True to its name, it contains the basic applications: Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007: This one includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • Microsoft Office Standard 2007: Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Microsoft Office Small Business 2007: On top of Word and Excel, Small Business edition includes PowerPoint, outlook with Business Contact Manager, Office Accounting Express, and Publisher.
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2007: This one is designed for clients with more sophisticated business needs, it contains everything you got in Small Business Edition, and Microsoft Access.
  • Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007: This one includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, InfoPath, Groove, OneNote, and Office Communicator
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus: This edition includes some of the Enterprise features, it’s more concise, if you will. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, InfoPath, Publisher, and Office Communicator 2007
  • Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007: This one is the most inclusive and contains more applications than any other edition in this list. It includes almost everything. It is designed (I believe) for users who can’t make up their mind about what exactly they want, since it has virtually everything Microsoft Office 2007 has to offer: Word, Excel, Outlook with Business Contact Manager, PowerPoint, Groove, OneNote, Accounting Express, Publisher, Access, and Infopath.

So, which edition do you think is right for you? If you’re an everyday user with no special business needs, then the standard edition would suffice. If your needs are more business-oriented, then you can choose between the 3 business options (Professional, Professional Plus, and Enterprise) based on your needs. And remember, there’s always the Ultimate option if you can’t make up your mind.

Microsoft Office 2007 Product Key


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Windows 10 Product Key 100% Working (32/64bit)

WINDOWS 10 PRODUCT KEY Activation Keys (All Versions)

Windows 10 product key is the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft launched the operating system in June 2015. Windows 10 comes in seven different versions suited to the needs of the users. Some of these versions include:

  • Windows 10 Home: It is a consumer-oriented edition most common amongst PC users.
  • Windows 10 Mobile: Mainly developed for smaller devices such as mobile phones, tablets and touch- based devices.
  • Windows 10 Pro: Similar to Windows 10 in terms of features offered. The main difference between the two editions is the touch innovative features offered by the Pro edition. Very suitable for two-in-one appliances such as a PC and tablet combination.
  • Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise: Same as the mobile edition. The major difference is that it comes with added features suited for business management functions.

The additional features and an easy to use graphic interface makes the operating system very popular amongst modern day users.

Main features

  • Desktop and Start menu was brought back. One can easily expanded the Start Menu to full screen mode.
  • Addition of Cortana: Cortana is a voice-activated digital assist. The digital assistant makes it easier for users to find files and folders located in your computer.
  • Microsoft Edge Web browser: Microsoft Edge replaced Internet Explorer, which was the default browser for previous editions. The browser comes fully integrated with the Cortana Assistant. This makes it possible for users to use voice control and search features on the browser.
  • Windows Hello feature: Users could now use face recognition or fingerprints option instead of using your password when logging in.
  • Snap Assistant: This feature helps users in snapping applications according to their liking.
  • Continuum mode: This mode allows users to swap between different interfaces effortlessly. It also gives you the ability to adapt a user’s interface to suit different needs.
  • Virtual desktops: Windows 10 gives users the option of creating multiple desktops on your PC. This feature known as “task view” is located on the Taskbar. Navigation is easier as users can switch between desktops thus improving multitasking.
  • Universal App concept: The concept enables users to receive notifications and dates on all connected devices i.e. personal computers and mobile phones.
  • Integration of PC settings and Control Panel menu.

System requirements for Windows 10

  • Processor speeds of 1 gigahertz (GHZ) or faster.
  • At least 1 GB RAM for 32-bit operating systems or 2 GB RAM for 64-bit operating systems.
  • 16 GB hard disk space for 32-bit OS or 20 GB hard disk space for 64-bit OS.
  • DirectX9 graphics card.
  • Display resolution of at least 800X600 megapixels.
  • WDDM 1.0 driver.

Accessing the software

There are various ways users can access Windows 10. They include:

  • Upgrading form previous versions such as Windows 7 or 8. Pc users can use accessibility tools to upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Buy the software from legal distributors.
  • Download a copy of the software form trusted links.

To install the software on your PC, a product key is required. The product key is essential as it helps verify that your copy of Windows is legitimate. The code also allows you to enjoy the full features available in the operating system.

Windows 10 Product Key Free 2019


windows 10 pro product key


Where can I find a product key?

There are different ways users can get product keys. They include:

  1. If you purchased your software from the retailer, you can find your code inside the box. Normally found on a label or card placed in the box.
  2. Use product keys posted on the internet. This is not an effective method as most of the serial keys are accessible to many users. Chances are that someone has already used the product.
  3. Use a keygen activator to generate a license key. Key generators are applications used to generate product keys for softwares and operating systems. They are an effective way accessing product keys as compared to using keys published on websites.

Some of these key generators available to users include:

  • Pro full crack: The software is very fast and helps in saving time when looking for a product key. It is applicable on any version of Windows 10. Once you download the software, extract the necessary files to access your product key. It does not require a lot of disk space.
  • Tech rapidly: This software produces numerous secret keys compatible with any version of Windows 10. One can access the website to get a private key. Once acquired, input the key to your system to activate your software.
  • Product keys: Known to be very popular due to the numerous benefits it offers. Very reliable, efficient and free from viruses. The software also aids in boosting performance levels of your operating system. It is available for free to all users.
  • Ten forums: Known to provide users with generic serial keys. They can be very useful especially if one does not have a genuine product key.

The main pros of the operating system

  • Fantastic operating system for gamers. From a gaming point of view, it comes with directX12 graphics known to be very suitable for gaming.
  • Users get to enjoy improved levels of speed. The operating system boots much faster compared to other versions. The Cortana Assistant helps users’ access files easily. Loading time is much faster.
  • The user interface makes it very convenient for users. Modern day applications makes it comfortable for users to use their keyboards or mouse.
  • Access to various applications and software via the Windows Store.
  • Users can integrate their mobile phones or tablets with their PC’s. One can easily read text messages form your mobile using Windows 10.
  • Offers enhanced security levels through face and finger print identification.
  • A vastly improved desktop experience. The operating system allows users to open multiple desktops on your computer.
  • New browser launched which offers quality services as compared to Internet Explorer.


Some of the disadvantages of Windows 10 include:

  • Space required for installation is huge. As compared to older versions of Windows, it takes more hard disk space.
  • The update feature forces users to download updates constantly. This may render your system non-responsive in memory.

Windows 10 product key is the newest edition of Microsoft Windows on offer to users. The enhanced security system and added features should make it a popular choice amongst users today.

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Windows 8.1 Product Key {UPDATED} Latest Working


Windows 8.1 Product Key is an operating system for personal computers and tablets. It was released in October 2013 and is an upgraded version of Windows 8. Windows 8.1 Product Key intended to tackle the numerous complaints about Windows 8. Some of the drawbacks experienced by Windows 8 users include a missing start button. Users were also not able to multitask thus leading to a decrease in levels of sales.

The updated version was based on the information provided by millions of people worldwide. Initial feedback shows that users preferred the upgraded version as compared to the older version. This is due to the many features not present in the older version. Below are some of the new features available in the updated version.

New features

  • Start button which was reestablished on the desktop.
  • Lock screen slideshow that lets you view your photos when your personal computer is locked.
  • Customized start screen which includes new backdrops and an ability to resize your tiles.
  • Being able to uninstall multiple applications at once.
  • Various apps such as calculator app, alarm app and the SkyDrive App.
  • Using the desktop background as the start screen background.
  • Upgraded version of internet explorer and windows store.
  • Windows Defender which monitors network behavior.
  • Options such as shutdown and restart in Win + X menu.

What are the system requirements for installation?

Are you planning to install and use Windows 8.1 on your PC? Here are some of the basic requirements needed for this operating system.

  • A computer with a processor of 1Ghz or faster for 32-bit (x86) computers or 64-bit (x64) computers.
  • At least 1GB of RAM for 32-bit or 2GB RAM for 64-bit PC’s.
  • 16 Gigabytes of hard disk space for 32-bit or 20 Gigabytes hard disk space for 64-bit.
  • Direct X graphics card. It can be inbuilt or external. The graphics card should also have a WDDM of 1.0 or higher.

If these requirements are met, one can comfortably install the operating system and enjoy the various benefits on offer. Avoid installing the operating system if your devices and software’s are not compatible with the operating system. If these requirements are not met, installing the operating system may lead to regular shutdowns and crashes.

Windows 8.1 Product Key {UPDATED} Latest Working

How to check your computer’s specifications?

Your computers full specifications can be accessed easily using the following steps:

  • Click on the start button and navigate to the control panel.
  • Click on the system and security option.
  • Click on the system option to view information about your computer. Information provided includes: processor speed, installed memory (RAM), system type and more specifications.

Pro’s of upgrading to windows 8.1

  • Cloud capabilities which offer to sync and back up options. This makes it easier to share files online.
  • Increased no and quality of applications
  • More customization options such as choices of color, background options, and tile sizes.
  • Easier configuration to use and more user-friendly.


  • The search process is a lot slower as compared to windows 8.
  • Microsoft still emphasizing on the metro- interface.

Process of activation

When installing or upgrading to windows 8.1 on your computer, a windows product key is required. What is the product key? A windows product key is a specific code. The code verifies that the software is licensed. The product key for most Microsoft products is 25 characters long. The windows product key can be found in these locations:

  • Microsoft windows DVD box: Once you purchase a Microsoft windows DVD, you can find your activation key on a card. The card is located inside the box and looks like this XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.
  • In case your computer came with a pre-installed version of windows, the activation key can be found by contacting the PC manufacturer.
  • Request the company to send you the activation key via your email.

Having a product key is important. It enables Microsoft to check whether your copy of windows has been used more than once. The key is also used to trigger your copy of windows. It is crucial to save a copy of your product key for future purposes such as reinstalling your windows.

Procedure required for activation

  • Make sure all programs are shut down.
  • Go to the start menu and click on the Run app.
  • Once open a dialogue box appears with a text box.
  • Type “slui 2” then press Enter.
  • An activation window appears asking you to enter the windows product key provided.
  • Once the key is entered, the operating system activates windows automatically.

The procedure takes a few minutes. This depends on the speed of your internet.

What if one does not have a product key?

If one does not have a product key, alternative methods can be used to find a key. The activation key has to be legitimate. Otherwise activating your windows will be a waste of time as it will not work. Some of the methods one can use to locate a legitimate product key include:

  • Using a key finder/ keygen program to generate a key: Make sure that the key finder programs are not randomly downloaded from untrustworthy sites. Use programs that come highly recommended by subscribers. Random key generator programs often contain malware. The activation key can be retrieved by following these steps
  1. Downloading a key generator program from trusted sources.
  2. Installing the program to your tablet or PC.
  3. After installation, open the program and follow the instructions given to locating your activation key.
  • Use Google to locate legitimate product keys online. Finding a key that works may be time-consuming. The reason is that the key may have been already used by someone else.
  • Update your windows by opening the windows store on your computer. Once it’s open, click on the update option. The files are then automatically downloaded and installed in the background. Once the process is complete restart your PC. This enables the update to take effect. You can now open your Microsoft account and reinstall your applications.

Why you should consider upgrading

The new operating system is easy to use, and it comes with new and improved applications. The cloud services on offer enable users to save and transfer huge amounts of data.

Windows 8.1 product key




Windows 8 Product Keys ( 32-Bit )


Windows 8 Product Keys ( 64-Bit )


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