Microsoft Office 2007 Product Key [ALL EDITIONS]

Microsoft Office 2007 product key

Microsoft Office 2007 Product Key:

Over the years, Microsoft has had its hits and misses with software or hardware. Some of these applications never really took off or hit the ground running (Everybody is looking at you, Bing). Some of these hits/misses happened as versions of established software program. Microsoft Office is a prime example of that, and with MS Office 2007, Microsoft has definitely created a hit. In fact, Microsoft Office 2007 was so successful that Microsoft put the team in charge of it to fix the product line of Windows, resulting in the massive hit that was Windows 7!

Moreover, with a set of new features that are cool and practical in equal measures, Microsoft Office 2007 includes a suite of features that address the needs of different types of users. In fact, there are 8 editions of it. Yes, you read that right, and we will break them down for you, and help you choose between them in a bit.

Microsoft Office 2007 Product Key [ALL EDITIONS]

But first, let’s check out the top 5 new features of Microsoft Office 2007 product key:

The New User Interface

So we’ll start with the obvious. Once you open any program, e.g. Microsoft Word, you will notice the new interface and how it became much easier to navigate the different features on Word. The ribbon bar’s new ordering is much easier to use and makes more sense in terms of its organization.

Maybe you are thinking “Hey, what does a ribbon bar mean to begin with?” Maybe you’re not thinking that, but being the IT geek that I am, I like to explain everything in minute detail.

If you are as old as me, you might remember that actions in previous Microsoft Office versions used to be sorted in menus (File, View, etc…). This has been substituted by the ribbon; which groups all actions that are similar to each other into one group, instead of having to go from one menu to the other to edit a text’s font, color, and size, for instance. This is a huge practical change, and also is pretty cool.

Easier Formatting

With Microsoft Office 2007 comes the option of Galleries; which is a feature that allows you to select from a family of formatting options to just “pick and click,” according to Microsoft website. So it basically saves you a lot of clicks (read: time and energy), to achieve the same result.

Track & Compare

It’s common practice to collaborate on a word document with others. Microsoft Office 2007 understands that and offers two great features: Track & compare. The former allows you to track the changes your collaborators made on a document you’re working on, which is pretty neat, but let’s assume that your colleague forgot to track the changes they made to the document; this is where Compare feature comes in. The Compare feature will find these changes for you, ask you whether you would like to keep, replace, or merge these changes into the final version of the document you are working on.

Document Inspector

So, you accepted the changes after comparing them. After writing, rewriting, tracking, and comparing. It is advisable you run the Document Inspector. Using it is fairly easy: From the Microsoft Office button on the top left corner, choose prepare, then Inspect Document, you will be asked to save the file first as it’s not always the case that you can retrieve information the Document Inspector removes. You will be able to choose which type of content you would like to inspect, be it Custom XML Data, Headers/Footers, Watermarks, or Hidden Text; the Document Inspector will sort it out for you and make sure that whatever you missed during the editing phase of your document will be made visible to you before pressing ctrl+s for the last time

Push Pins

This may be a purely Word 2007 feature, but hey, Word 2007 is arguably the most used of all Microsoft Office 2007 programs, so this brilliant feature deserves some recognition. Basically what a Push Pin does is that it allows you to keep the file you want to keep opening from being pushed to the bottom of the “Recent Documents” tab. It’s a time saver, and it frees you from worrying about opening other files and pushing the primary file out of the list. You can now have at it, the push pin is there for you.

As I mentioned, there are 8 editions for the Microsoft Office 2007 for you to choose from.  Here are the 8 editions, with the programs included in each edition:

  • Microsoft Office Basic: True to its name, it contains the basic applications: Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Furthermore, Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007: This one includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • Microsoft Office Standard 2007: Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Also, Microsoft Office Small Business 2007: On top of Word and Excel, Small Business edition includes PowerPoint, outlook with Business Contact Manager, Office Accounting Express, and Publisher.
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2007: This one is designed for clients with more sophisticated business needs, it contains everything you got in Small Business Edition, and Microsoft Access.
  • Moreover, Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007: This one includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, InfoPath, Groove, OneNote, and Office Communicator
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus: This edition includes some of the Enterprise features, it’s more concise, if you will. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, InfoPath, Publisher, and Office Communicator 2007
  • Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007: This one is the most inclusive and contains more applications than any other edition in this list. It includes almost everything. It is for users who can’t make up their mind about what exactly they want, since it has virtually everything Microsoft Office 2007 has to offer: Word, Excel, Outlook with Business Contact Manager, PowerPoint, Groove, OneNote, Accounting Express, Publisher, Access, and Infopath.

So, which edition do you think is right for you? If you’re an everyday user with no special business needs, then the standard edition would suffice. Also, if your needs are more business-oriented, then you can choose between the 3 business options (Professional, Professional Plus, and Enterprise) based on your needs. And remember, there’s always the Ultimate option if you can’t make up your mind.

Microsoft Office 2007 Product Key


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