Microsoft Office 365 Product Key With Activation Code 100% Working

Microsoft Office 365 Product Key, Activation keys 100% Lifetime

Microsoft Office 365 Product Key is popularly known as Office 365. It gives free access to MS Office apps. Other services which can be given using the internet on MS Office are also given access to MS Office 365. Some of the Office apps include Publisher, MS PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and OneNote. It is not that all people who use or own computers can buy this product. , thus, it is important that we learn the various ways of cracking this software without necessarily having to pay for it.

Cracking and Activating Office 365

It is possible to activate MS Office 365 for free. But you will have to produce the activation key to finish the activation process. Below, I have listed and explained three steps that can be used to crack and activate this software for free.

1. Key generator

2. Crack and download for free

3. Key finder

1. Activating MS Office 365 For Free With Key Generator

You might have tried several methods of activating your Office 365, and unfortunately, all of them have completely refused. The key generator is now another better option that you can consider using. It is an activation keys generator.

  • Find a reliable link of this software and enter your email account
  • The link is (
  • Choose the MS Office 365 Option on the list that will appear
  • Enter the necessary details which you will be asked to enter in
  • Click now on the generate option; the key will appear
  • Click now on verify; this will enable you to check whether the generated key is genuine

2. Crack and Download

When using this method, you need to carefully follow the steps because there are many crack files on the internet. However, most of them don’t work. For you to be able to get a correct cracked file, I have listed below the steps that if keenly followed will help you find the correct key.

  • Go to your PC and open the settings
  • On the PC settings, click on the Update and Setting option. Now go to your Windows Defender and turn off all the options that are on (the options we are talking off here are Real-Time Protection, Cloud-based protection, and Automatic Sample Submission).
  • This step is necessary because when the options listed above are in active form, it is possible for them to block the cracked file from working effectively. Only turn them on once the activation is 100% complete.
  • Now, the next step is to download the cracked file. You can use this link or else you can get down from a reliable website:
  • Paste it to your browser
  • Go to the download option on the PC and locate the downloaded file. This file should be in a Zip format. Unzip this file and extract out the MS Office activator. You should also extract the Reloader activator; it is necessary as it will be used in the next step.
  • Now run the Reloader activator. A dialogue box will show with different options on it. Unmark the Windows option but the Offer option needs to be marked.
  • You can now complete your activation process by clicking the activate option
  • The crack and download method is complete. Enjoy using the software now

Activating with a Key Finder Software

Key finder software is a method where you use other software to generate an activation key for MS Office 365. There are various types of Key finders that have been listed below and which you can use to activate your Office 365.

1. Key finder-Thing

2. Belarc Advisor

3. Magical Jelly Bean

Cracking MS Office 365

  • First, download the MS Office365 setup together its product key (Note: download from a trusted website)
  • Extract the file that you have downloaded
  • Run now the setup file of the extracted file and wait for it to complete the installation process
  • Go to the software interphase and the check the activation status
  • The product key or activation key is now usable in the next step
  • The product will be verified at this stage
  • If it displays a message saying successful activation, it’s complete. You can now enjoy!

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Examples of MS Office 365 Product Keys for Free






Key Features of MS Office 365 PRODUCT KEY

1. Chart with your Office Co-workers in Office applications

You can use this feature to share screenshots, have video and audio conversations, and chat with your colleagues.

2. Easy to Edit and Convert to PDF form

Are you done with editing your publication, document, spreadsheet or presentation? Converting it to PDF has been made easy. You just use the integrated feature “Save as PDF”.  If you also want to edit your PDF, you can simply convert it to a word document without having to follow the long formatting procedures that involve editing and copy-pasting.

3. Power Map in Excel:

This is a powerful and very interactive visualization feature found in Excel. With this feature, you can analyze, visualize and share date insights.

4. Turn OneNote tools into Outlook calendar activities

With this feature, you can convert your notes into tasks inside the calendar and then assign them to your colleagues with deadlines and reminders.

5. Instead of sending a whole email to your colleagues, you can just insert the link to the stored files and send them

Forget about sending long email attachments. With this feature, you can easily co-author.

6. Real-Time Co-Authoring (PowerPoint, Excel, Word)

You can engage online and see what your colleagues are doing on your document with the real-time co-authoring in the word document. Save the file on SharePoint or OneDrive to enable your colleagues to work on it with you. The integrated sidebar can help you share it directly from the application.

7. Work offline and upload the changes later on

The OneDrive storage has been disconnected from your gadget, so you can decide to work offline on your files. But the moment you reconnect to your internet, the new editions will be uploaded automatically to your storage.

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System Requirements:

  • 3 GB hard disk space or more
  • 1 GHz system processor or more
  • 1 GB size for the 32-bit operating system and 2 GB for the 64-bit operating system is enough.
  • 1024 x 576-pixel screen resolution

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