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Office 2019 activator are best tools for you to activate your Microsoft Office 2022

Microsoft Corporation, the global company initiated by Bill Gates and Paul Allen has been dominating the technological market for a long time. It is famous for advancing, authorizing and manufacturing computer software.

Although, all the products which Microsoft supplies are on the top of their respective fields but the products which promoted Microsoft the most are its set of operating systems and Office. Microsoft Office defeated OpenOffice by virtue of many features.

OpenOffice is another suite for office productivity that Apache Software Foundation made. However, here we are going to explore more about the Microsoft Office series than OpenOffice. Moreover, we will discuss Microsoft Office 2019 Activator in detail.

Some Common Features Of An Office

The Office uses for systemizing data. Each component performs some or the other specific function to arrange, manage and secure data as per your need. Further, every office suite enables you to-

  • Secure Date And Time Of Your Document
  • Share Data Easily
  • Customize watermarks
  • Tag the PDFs

About Microsoft Office

Microsoft offers a bundle of software for professional users. This set of high-yielding applications is named as Microsoft Office. The components of Office are mentioned below-

  • 1. Microsoft Word– a word processor
  • 2. Microsoft Excel– a spreadsheet editor
  • 3. Microsoft PowerPoint– a program for presentations
  • 4. Microsoft Outlook– a personal information manager
  • 5. Microsoft Access– a database management system
  • 6. Microsoft Publisher– an app for desktop publishing
  • 7. Microsoft OneNote– a program for taking notes
  • 8. Microsoft Project-a project management app

Points for Difference Between OpenOffice And Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Office is equipped with many such features which lack in Open Office.
  • Microsoft is faster than OpenOffice
  • Both use a different format. It is ISO standard ODF for OpenOffice whereas ISO standard OOXML for Microsoft Office.
  • OpenOffice can be used on any platform while Microsoft allows its Office to be supported only by Windows and Mac.
  • Redistribution of products is allowed in OpenOffice whereas it banned in Microsoft Office.
  • Microsoft charges you whereas OpenOffice is free.

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About Microsoft Office 2022

Office 2019 Activator Free for You!

Microsoft Office 2019 activator is the most recently launched Office software by Microsoft. It was released in 2018 on different dates for different countries. Microsoft has launched the commercial preview for Microsoft Office 2019 for Windows 10 and Mac. It will boost the experience of its users by overcoming the drawbacks of Office 365 (Office 365 is one of the versions of Microsoft Office). It possesses all the features of basic Office software and many new characteristics as well.

New Features

  • It enables you to add visual impacts.
  • One of its components, Microsoft translator can efficiently translate words, phrases or sentences.
  • Microsoft Office 2019 makes it possible for the users to form mathematical equations via LaTaX syntax.
  • You can add charm to your slides by introducing motion effect to them. This graphical improvement and object motion is empowered by Morph.
  • Zoom in or zoom out without disturbing your presentations. Jump from one slide to another easily.
  • It enables you to process your slides using your digital pen.
  • 11 new chart types.
  • The inking features are modified. Hence, you can now draw and write on elements of Microsoft Office more easily.

Microsoft Office 2019: Downloading

There are two situations you may face while downloading Microsoft.

  • You want to update to Office 2019 from the previous version of office already activated in your device or,
  • You are freshly switching to office 2019.

Simply, do as suggested in the particular situation to download Office 2019.

  • To ensure that MS Office 2019 works fine, you need to uninstall the previous version of MS Office completely before installing MS Office 2019.
  • But if you are a subscriber of Office 365, you don’t need to worry about anything as it will automatically upgrade your MS Office to the latest version.
  • And if you are using MS Office 2016 or earlier version, just go here to get the download link for the latest version from Microsoft Homepage. You can download any of the three editions of Microsoft Office 2019.

Microsoft Office 2019 Activation

Microsoft has launched the official version of Microsoft Office 2019 after previewing several beta versions. And this time it is the stable one and unlike previous versions it never shows any ruinous error. Microsoft Office 2019 comes in three fresh editions named as Professional Plus, Project You and Viso You. But there’s a matter of concern for Windows 8.1 or older Windows users as Microsoft Office 2019 only runs on Windows 10. That means Microsoft is forcing its users to switch to Windows 10.

Microsoft Office 2019 Activator

Activators are the tools that we use to activate Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. You can find several activators on the internet. Any of them can serve for your purpose. KMSPico 11 is one such medium. KMSPico is helpful as you don’t need to spend your money for purchasing different activation keys for different products every time. Microsoft Toolkit and other activation tools can also do the same for you.

Office 2019 Activator Free for You!


Here are the steps that you need to follow to activate Microsoft Office 2019 without the product key.

Step 1. First of all, download a copy of Microsoft Office 2019.

Step 2.  Just click on the link below. It will take you to another page. Copy the codes which you’ll see thereafter and make it a document.

(Click here to Copy)

Step 2. After pasting the code to a new text file, secure it in the form of a batch file.

Step 3. Then right-click on this batch file and select run as administrator.

Step 4. Wait for a while and done. MS Office 2019 is now active.


The article is all about Office, a set of software we use for productivity and data analysis. Although there are several office programs, Microsoft is above all due to the marvelous features which it offers. It is easy to use and reliable as well. Office 2019 is the on-going Microsoft Office. This version has upgraded the users’ experience by presenting a bunch of modified features. We also discuss the ways to download and activate this trendy version of Microsoft Office. Encounter it yourself!

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