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Fraps Cracked Full + keygen Free Download

Fraps Crack is one of the most popular third-party programs for PC gamers, by earning its reputation on the back of free and easy benchmarking capabilities that can measure the performance of almost any game. It’s also a simple way to display a frame rate counter in the corner of your screen to keep a casual eye on second-to-second in-game performance. Fraps Full can also capture video of your gaming sessions.

This program allows you to set user-defined intervals for taking screenshots. Just press a key and capture your entire screen or a specific part of your desktop. Game lovers always wanted to record the latest battles and they search ways how they can do that. Here is the best solution for hardcore gamers with which they can record games with real-time recording so that they can become more famous. You don’t need to use a DV Cam, Fraps Cracked has the ability to record audio sound and capture video more than 6780×48000 resolutions with custom frame rates. The program offers high-quality video editing.

Use custom hotkeys and set your own hotkeys for recording videos or capture screen. Change the default folder for saving new items and modify video capturing settings. You can split movies when the file size reaches 4GB in size. By using this tool you will be able to stop evaluating your PC after a preset number of times. The program offers various types of images formats such as PNG, JPEG, TGA and another one for your screenshots. Last but not least, Fraps Full is the most useful program for capturing real-time videos, taking screenshots and view FPS.

Fraps 3.5.99 Cracked Full Version Free Download 2019 [Windows]


When you first launch Fraps Crack you’ll see there isn’t much to the program. It has a small interface with four tabs: General, FPS, Movies, and Screenshots.

Each one is pretty self-explanatory. Under General, you can set Fraps to start-up at launch, or disable its “always on top” status that is enabled by default.

One other option that’s nice is General > Minimize to system tray only. Many recording and benchmarking programs minimize to the system tray once you hit the “X” in the upper right corner. Fraps Cracked, however, take the old school approach and actually exits the program when you close the window. So to keep it running when in-game, you have to minimize the window. This setting enables you to keep Fraps running without having to see it in the taskbar. To open Fraps from the system receptacle, right-click the icon and select Settings.

The FPS tab holds Fraps’ benchmarking tools. The framerate counter continuously appears in-game when Fraps is running. If you’d wish to record a benchmark when in-game, just hit F11, but first, tweak the benchmarking settings to your liking below FPS > Benchmark Settings.

The “Movies” tab is where Fraps records the gameplay. If you use the free version, some options are available to you and some aren’t. The loop buffer length, a setting that allows you to hit the hotkey to record the last “X” seconds of gameplay, is disabled. You can, however, set the most frame rate while recording, and choose whether or not you would like a full- or half-size recording. You can also modify the sound capture settings, record your mike, hide or not hide the mouse cursor, lock the framerate while recording, and use lossless RGB capture.

When capturing video with the Fraps Free Download, your clips are limited to 30 seconds, and they’ll have a Fraps watermark on them.

Videos will be saved at 30fps by default, but you can change that to 60fps or 50fps presets, or set a custom limit. To start the recording, press F9 while in-game and then hit the same button to turn it off—free users could also just let the 30 second time limit run out.


For a program that has very little happening at the surface, Fraps sure appears to take plenty of system resources in the gameplay.


  • Record games, capture screen and also record audio sounds.
  • During games, this program shows Frames per second rate
  • Split videos when files reach up to 4GB
  • Take Screenshots: press a key and take screenshots or set a Tim stamped for automatic process
  • Lightweight, simple easy to use with a user-friendly interface
  • Real-Time Video Recorder: record your screen without a DV Cam of high-quality resolutions
  • Record videos and capture images in high quality
  • Benchmarking: it analyses and show you how many FPS you are getting
  • Support PNG, JPEG and other image formats for screenshots
  • Compatible with OpenGL graphics and DirectX

What’s New in Fraps Full Free Download?

  • Some minor bugs fixed and update programs
  • An issue has been fixed that occurred with 64-bit DirectX 11 games always being recorded in lossless RGB.
  • Fix issue of Aero Desktop


  • Easy-to-understand interface
  • Customizable video settings including hotkey and framerate capture
  • Benchmarking
  • Real-time video recording
  • Support user-defined intervals for capture screen


  • Budget systems may see a noticeable performance hit
  • The trial version shows the logo of Fraps in video recording

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