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Ever wished all your travel videos, short holiday clips, and random funny recordings could be compiled into memorabilia? You can absolutely do that with the exceptional and completely versatile Videopad Registration Code editor. Create exciting and fully customizable videos without much effort using the comprehensive video editor that is suitable for DVD, HD, 360 and YouTube formats. You can easily download this software from the internet and begin editing videos immediately as it is totally apt for beginners.

On top of that, be astounded by the features offered by this extraordinary yet simple-to-use video editing program that stands tall amongst its competitors. It has a simple design, the software has three editions – free trial, home, and master. Users who are new to multimedia editing will find the free trial features enough to delve into. A more professional user, conversely, will try exploring a rather advanced software.

Videopad Registration Code For Free!

Main Features of Videopad Registration Code:

In the multimedia world, countless programs are battling each other to provide the best solution for different niches, largely in video editing. The VideoPad trialware is a stalwart program when you compare it to its market rivals due to its minimalism and abundant features. From the moment the application starts, these features will fascinate and persuade you to do more.

  • The adept video editing software supports a wide range of video formats that can be imported easily into the program using its simple interface.
  • Also, Users can choose from a variety of amazing transitions and visual effects to create as many clips as they like.
  • The usage of crisp digital audio tools and smooth video optimization offers a film like editing experience even for novice users.
  • Share the finished video with your family and friends in any format you prefer.
  • Moreover, Easy drag and drop functionality alleviate the need to scrabble through folder directories.
  • Generate awesome after-effects using chroma key green video production style.
  • Additionally, Post finished videos on YouTube, Flickr or Facebook with an easy uploading feature.
  • Preview effects in real-time and make immediate amendments without wasting time.
  • Export video files to various formats and resolutions.
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System Requirement of Videopad Registration Code:

For anyone thinking the video editing software would require a demanding system to perform efficiently, their beliefs would be shattered. The versatile program is developed flexibly to support most operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10 and Mac OS X 10.5 or above. Besides, the program works excellently on iPhone/iPad devices that should have at least iOS 6.0. On Android devices, the video editing application is supported by version 2.3.3 onwards. Adaptable to so many platforms, the distinctive video editing program functions equally well on all of them.

Key Advantages

Besides presenting some valuable features, the video editor has come extra edges that surpass its rivals.

  • The software is utterly simple to use. With a comprehensive user interface, navigation and utilizing the program becomes absolutely easy and takes no effort.
  • Also, the program supports multiple video and audio formats that permit a seamless editing experience. Converting files to a useable format becomes unnecessary due to the flexibility of the editing software.
  • The basic package comes with some default video and transition effects that help in stitching multiple video clips together.
  • Moreover, text-to-audio conversion is possible with this software allowing perfect integration with an existing video file or new project.
  • 3D editing is supported without pixel loss.

Main Cons

Although packed with numerous features and highlights, the video editing software hits the brake in three sectors – the trial version, pricing and software simplicity. Users often hope to obtain more from a trial version of any software. That was not the case with this video editing program because the trial version offered just three transitions for video clips and allows only two simultaneous audio tracks in a project.

Additionally, many users found the price did not reflect fairly on the functionalities provided in the video editing program. Moreover, a handful of them was frustrated when the application prompted for purchase when the complete editing is done or allows only one project file to be exported after completing the entire editing procedure.

Lastly, the simplicity of the video editing application was criticized by advanced users because they felt forking out extra money for a small upgrade in features is not worth it. By adding a few more transitions and additional track slots for audio cannot be justified by the versions different from a trial.


The video editing program is free to download and can be used with certain limitations. Moreover, to unlock its additional features and enjoy the full benefits, you can choose from two editions. The home edition is worth £23.52 after a discount. And the master edition has a tag of £39.21 with a discount. The video editing application is developed as a trialware which means after a short period of time, additional purchasing has to be made to fully use the software. Sometimes this is also called a demonstration or a demo-product.


The VideoPad multimedia editing software is a resourceful, easy-to-use, flexible and nifty package to anyone who is willing to pay for it. With abundant features and benefits, the editing application is deployable on almost all platforms easily without trouble. The program is small but absolutely stable as it is capable to support a wide range of old and new operating systems without compromising on performance.

Despite its capability to ensure stunning aesthetics, the program fell through a few shortcomings with its trial limitations and permitted users to be a little upset about the extra cash that is required to run the application fully. Furthermore, the cost of the application is not cheap either, making the users seek justification from the developers on the cooperate website.

In whole, the video editing program is useful when you need a simple project to materialize for a lesser amount. Coupled with so many other features, the software is extremely beneficial for people who do not seek for an extravagant function in a program but just the necessary tools to produce a movie of their own with decent graphics and quality.

Objective Point of View

The key criteria in this article are the functionalities provided in the paid version of the video editing software. The application offers many transitions and effects to create a beautiful video clip in the format of your preference. Besides, the few shortcomings cloud the complete positive approach of the software. Although the program will unlock after purchase. Some of the users feel the money is not worthy of services. This video editing software is the best choice for anyone seeking to produce quality home videos in the most simplest and fastest way.

Videopad Registration Code


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