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The Microsoft Office Toolkit has been designed to run on any Windows computer. It has been equipped with various tools that allow the user to control, offer license, position and use all the MS office Programs. The system supports all the other types of Windows including Windows 7, Windows 8, windows 8.1, and windows 10. The software is however available in Microsoft office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2016 Activator, Office 2010, Office 2013 and Office 2016.

Office 2016

Office 2016 activator is the most preferred Office in the market due to its updated features that literally suites the needs of the users. The office has smart features such as the definitions` feature, Quick help on whatever you need to do, the user interface and the ability to share documents directly through a real-time connection with other users. On the other hand, word 2016 is also equipped with wonderful features such as the ability to edit files with other users or to merge several documents, permission to edit PDF files and a well created layout that enables users to work efficiently.

The windows 10 has also been designed with several amazing features that work hand in hand with Office 2016. For instance, the ability to organize your software, Cortana which is the user`s personal assistant and a newly improved internet explorer which also helps in data management.

Microsoft Toolkit

The toolkit is a collection of all the key activators. The main activators that are usually built in are EZ and KMS activator. So far the two activators offer accurate activation process to users. office 2013 activator

The key features in the MS toolkit are;

  • The software can do two activations at once.
  • Has two modules that run when the user is offline and online.
  • A long-lasting activation Plan.
  • EZ and KMS Activators
  • Supports 64-bit structure
  • Supports all the Windows and MS Office
  • Free from Virus

How to do activation of MS Office 2016

Some other versions of MS Office comes with product Keys upon purchase and hence updating through the internet does not require the use product key. The user can identify easily if his Office requires a product Key by following these steps;

  • First, you open Microsoft Office in your PC. This is the icon with the Office Logo on the desktop.
  • Once the Window has opened check on the word activate on the list.
  • You will be required to sign in .this means that the activation process will take place without a product key. However, suppose a message pops up and asks you to enter the product key then it is an indication that a key was initially included together with the purchase and may be found on the receipt of packaging.
  • While signing in the user should enter an email used before but in case you have never signed in before you are required to sign up by creating a new account.
  • Ensure your internet connection is working well during the process for effective completion of the task.

The process of activation

With the coming of updates of Windows 10, there are bigger developments on the stability of the systems including activation. As a result of this innovations, the Windows 10 tools for activation are gaining market from one country to another. The activation process is a simple task that anyone can do by following the guidelines below.

Key requirements before activation of MS Office

Ensure that there is a stable internet connection and that the Windows is already activated. The activation will not go through if the Windows being used is outdated. During the process, the user may encounter a pop up on Hydration. This is usually found on MS Store and is located on the Start Menu. In case this appears and takes more than 15minutes to complete then the user is advised to click on an Office app or select any program from the list like Word. Once the hydration process is done, then the Office opens as required and you will then be required to continue with the procedure of activation.

  • As usual we begin our process by clicking on the Start menu from the Windows.
  • The window opens showing that the office is contained in your PC
  • Look for Activate from the list and click on it to start the process.
  • A message will prompt you to sign in to your Microsoft Account if you have never registered.
  • Put all the details for registration including Country of residence and Language of your preference.
  • If your PC has several product keys they will be listed and you will be required to choose from one. Select the first product key and proceed with the activation process.
  • You will be prompted to accept or decline the download process. Click on accept for the download to begin.
  • Open the MS Word and go to file.
  • Select Account from the list and trace where we have Office Updates. You are not supposed to click Activate product but rather in the options given click on update now.
  • All added updates will be checked by the program and once it’s complete, it will display. Alternatively, you can check it out by going to file then Account and check if it’s been activated as required.

How to fix issues during the activation process

In some minimal cases, users experience a lot of errors during the activation process and hence its paramount that one knows how to solve issues so as to ensure a smooth experience in the process.

  • If an error keeps on popping up during the process of activation that MS Office is not linked to MSA you are required to click on and run the MS Activation troubleshooter.
  • Suppose the error says that MS Office is not related to the account being used then you are required to troubleshoot and try the activation process again.
  • Finally if the error states that you are not allowed to sign up using home or school email address then you are supposed to create your account using a particular or personal Email address which could be for yahoo or Gmail.

Office 2016 Activator Free For You!

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