How to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 Without Product Key

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 Without Product Key

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 Without Product Key:

The introduction of Office Suites way back in 1988 by Bill Gates has brought tremendous growth especially in business sectors as word processing and spreadsheet templates flourished. The monumental advancement in this client software architecture paved way for multiple variants to be introduced in the market. Presently, after the success of Microsoft Office 2016, the all-new Microsoft Office 2019 with entrancing features and superior performance enters the arcade. The talk of the town is how would one afford it? Will it be adequately priced or do users will have to fork out an incredible amount of money just to upgrade it from an older version. Neither.

Fortunately, the evolution of technology has correspondingly supported the insurgence of tech geeks who managed to find a way around. Like much other software that requires a license key, Microsoft Office 2019 demands the activation of its 25-character license key before users can fully utilize it. By launching a batch file that is easily available from the internet, all users will enjoy the perks of exploiting this novel office suite as if it has been purchased from the developer’s website. This article’s primary focus is to show “How to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 Without Product Key”.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 Without Product Key

Installation Steps & Key Features

Principally, any user would be able to download an installation file from Microsoft’s website. When a download is complete, just ensure the following steps performes correctly.

  • Find for a product key code from any available website.
  • Copy the code you see there and paste it into a next text document. To do this, just right-click anywhere on the Desktop and insert a New Text Document. On the empty space, paste the code and save the file under any name but remember to use the “.CMD” file extension. Also, this is a vital step to ensure the batch program runs correctly.
  • Look for the newly saved batch program file. Usually, it is the icon with two cogs. Right-click on the icon and select “Run as administrator”. After some time, you will see a Command Prompt window that is initiated.
  • On the window, some background processing is being done. Please wait while this is finished. The message “Activating your Office…” will be shown.
  • Finally, when no interruptions occur, the status “Product activation successful” is displayed. Voila! Your Microsoft Office 2019 is activated successfully.
  • To verify, open any Office 2019 application like Word and click on the Account tab. From there, you would be able to see the status showing, “Product Activated”.

Employing these simple methods will unlock your trial version of the software and provide you with full features without paying a single cent. The crucial parts are getting the right code to save in the text document and to remember to save the file as “.CMD” type. Whenever the brand new office suite is installed on a new computer, just transfer the batch file containing the activation code and launch it for enabling immediate access to the office application program.

System Requirement

With improved functionalities, a stunning look and numerous benefits, the Office 2019 bundle is a compact software solution that demands some decent specifications to operate efficaciously. Users can check off the criterions below to ensure the product can be handled by your machine.

  • At least 1.6 GHz or faster processing speed. Computers with a 2.0 GHz processor is optimal enough to support the load of the office suite.
  • An adequate amount of RAM. Around 4GB is recommended for computers running a 64-Bit operating system. For 32-Bit machines, we suggest at least 2GB of RAM.
  • Storage of 4GB is paramount to install and launch the program. Anything below that will not support.
  • Due to various editing styles, the office suite requires a minimum of 1280 x 768 resolution dimension. The extra pixels compared to conventional monitors aid in projecting a vibrant editing tool when dealing with pictures or charts.
  • Decent graphics with hardware acceleration and DirectX 9.0 compatibility.
  • ONLY works on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.
  • More

Important Advantages

There are multiple options to get Microsoft Office 2019 on your computer. If you have Office 365, the upgrade to the latest version will be automatically initialized. Then you can activate the program by following the procedures mentioned early in this article. Some of the benefits of activation without a product key are below.

  • Completely easy-to-use instructions that are available on the internet. Locate a genuine website with good reviews and follow the tutorial.
  • There are no risks of malware or virus attacks on your computer. This is largely credited to having the activation program in a separate server without having to install the license key on the computer.
  • The batch file that is launch for activation works with most versions of Microsoft Office 2019 without crashing.
  • Satisfied users and overall positive feedback provide recognition for the activation tool.


The biggest concern for activation without a product key is the compatibility issue. Currently, only owners of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 are capable to use Office 2019 freely. Support for other versions of Windows is not available at the moment. Besides, the other challenge users face is the demanding requirement of the office software application to run efficiently. For many homeowners and students, equipping a decent system is still a far cry if we compare it to the requirement by the new office suite. Tackling these two issues would be critical for Microsoft Corporation to ensure user satisfaction is maintained.


Generally, purchasing Microsoft Office 2019 costs around $439.99. But by employing the method shown in this article, people can enjoy the same perks absolutely for free. The more important step would be to initiate the launch properly by following the right instructions and not to fall for a bogus code when saving the text document.


Decisively, in this article “How to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 Without A Product Key”, we have compiled the steps required to facilitate a smooth activation process to take place. Notably, getting the right source to obtain the activation code is of utmost importance before performing the remaining steps. After completing the procedure, users will be able to enjoy the full benefits of the new office suite without needing to pay a single cent.

Objective Point of View

The step-by-step instructions mentioned in this article provide an easy and swift way to activate Microsoft Office 2019 without using a product key. All the major steps are defined methodically to ensure correct activation can take place and instantly unlock access for users looking forward to operating this software.

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