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Games Like Pokemon Go

If you are tired of playing Pokemon Go and want other Games like Pokemon Go than you will happy to know that there are more Games Like Pokemon Go out there waiting for you. Now get ready to leave your couch and explore a new world of augmented reality. Now without further ado, let’s begin with my personal favorite at first spot.

Night Terrors (IOS):

The Beginning is an augmented reality horror game that hijacks your iPhone/iPad camera and light and turns your house into a haunted, nightmare palace. If you are a person like me and like to play horror games and see the ghost and like that feeling, shaking your voice with horror than this game is for you. is another amazing addition to the gaming world which includes gameplay which is just like Pokemon Go. It is the second game in its class that involves interaction with the real world with real people. Though this game is just in its beta version, players are already trying the beta version and enjoying playing the game.

If you are into playing Pokemon go then you might want to read about Poke Sniper And with such interaction between real and virtual world, it would be a shame the beta version isn’t tried before the launch of gadgets that will come along with the game soon. Launch by and with over 12,000,0000 active locations spreading all over the world, Father .io is a game that anyone would love to play, so go ahead and give this amazing game a go.

Zombies, Run!

If you prefer Pokemon Go because it gets you off your couch, explore this title that is all regarding making you work, with the help of zombies. It’s an immersive game that brings you into a world filled with zombies, and to survive, you must run or jog all while listening to the undead scream. You must collect the supplies and unlock daily missions, too. Just keep in mind to hurry up if a zombie is on your heels.


This is another treasure-hunting, outdoor-based game. You basically get to find real, hidden containers around the world and some of them even contain small stuff for trade. It’s basically the same thing as Pokemon Go, but instead of catching Pokemon on your phone, you’re trading real-world objects and stories with other adventurers from around the globe.

The Walk:

This was developed by the exact team that created Zombies, Run! In the game, which takes about 3 months to complete, you must carry a package – that could save the world – to a mysterious destination. As you walk, you’ll get closer to the destination and unlock immersive audio story clips.

Zombies Everywhere:

Yes another zombie app. This app works similar to Pokemon Go, except you have to kill zombies instead of collect Pokemon.

The undead are rising. They’re in your city. They’ve invaded your town. They’re feasting on your neighbors’ delicious grey matter. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!

Introducing Zombies Everywhere! The Augmented Reality Apocalypse! More than another shoot-zombies-in-the-face game, Zombies Everywhere uses Augmented Reality to put zombies in YOUR WORLD. They’re all around you right now!

Look through your iPhone, iPad or iPod if you’re taking a pan and photo around. Look up and down, left and right. Look everywhere, the world around you has changed. (For best results, stand in an open area.)

You’ll see zombies rising out of the ground around you. You’ll hear them groan. You’ll see them eat each other. You grab a gun and blow their heads off.


Games Like Pokemon Go is all regarding catching and eliminate ghosts. It’s a simple title that transforms your own world into a world full of ghouls. You must find wherever they are spawning with help of the GPS and camera on your phone, then you try to catch them. The more ghosts you get, the better you do.

Games Like Pokemon Go

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