CCleaner Pro 6.12.10459 License Key With Crack [Win + MAC]

CCleaner Pro license key

CCleaner Pro key is a tool that helps to find and remove junk files and errors on your Computer system.  With just a few clicks, this software would scan and free all the disk space occupied by harmful elements, and recover your disk space and this will make your PC to work even fast and more efficient. Furthermore, unlike other PC cleaning tools, this version comes with monitoring real-time functions.

CCleaner Pro can remove all the temporary or potential unnecessary files left by other programs such as eMule, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Nero, Google Toolbar, Microsft Office, WinZip, WinAce, WinRAR, McAfree, Windows Media Player, Netscape, Adobe Acrobat, McAfee, FireFox, Adobe Flash Player, Sun Java and GIMP along with other browsing history, recycle bin, cookies, file fragments, log files, application data, system Caches, auto-complete form history, memory files among other data. This software also features a registry cleaner that helps to find and fix problems in the PC’s Window registry, such as unused registry entries to the file extensions, missing references to the application paths, and missing references to shared DLLs. Also, CCleaner Pro will clean the entire drive of your computer to free up space.

CCleaner Professional Plus

CCleaner Pro Plus is a 4-in-one software which includes all the versions of your PC Optimization tools. The Optimization tools are Defraggler, CCleaner, Speccy, and Recuva. With the CCleaner Pro Plus, you get

  • Hardware Analysis
  • Auto-updating
  • Advanced System Recovery
  • Browser and System Monitoring Disk Defragmentation
  • Cleaning across various interphase  in just a single click
  • Priority email support

CCleaner Pro is a user-friendly PC Optimization software that ensures your PC is running safe, fast, and clean. This CCleaner allows multiple users in one household to use it on all their computers.  It prevents your PC from slowing down, running out of hard disk space or crashing. CCleaner Pro removes all the junk files from your Windows Registry, clears clutter from your Hard disk drive, and protects your privacy by removing your browsing history and tracking cookies. All this is achieved without tempering with your documents, videos, music, and other files. Cleaner Pro can clean multiple user profiles. This software program automatically updates itself thus ensuring that you have its latest version to use in Optimizing your PC’s stability, speed, and privacy.

CCleaner Pro is a great Optimization software program. With a quick scan, this tool will detect all the unwanted window files and apps you have installed on your PC, and it will help you to remove them fast and effective.

CCleaner Pro registry utility is responsible for verifying the integrity of the Windows Registry. The Window registry is the file containing the computer system configuration settings. This software scans the registry to remove all types of malware. This software can also save a backup copy of all your systems files before carrying out the repairs.

CCleaner Professional Plus:

Moreover, CCleaner Professional Plus menu has more particular tools, such as Restore Point Manager, a quick installer, and a list of the programs that will start to run when the Windows is launched. Unlike the free edition of CCleaner Pro, the CCleaner Pro Plus comes with automatic updates and monitoring tools that allow you to improve on your system in real-time by removing all the unwanted files, deleting temporary files, or cleaning the cache. Also, you can choose whether you want to be notified before the start of the deletion process or can decide to let the CCleaner take care of everything automatically.

To click the unwanted files, just click on the Scan button and let the CCleaner figure out the amount of waste that has accumulated.  Once it has determined, you can now click on the run button and let the cleaner instantly start cleaning your disk.

You can customize The CCleaner Pro Plus scanner find and remove only want you no longer need. This process may require a little more effort as it involves checking the boxes.


The registry scanner also works similarly. It allows displays of the type of waste it finds. Though it might be a bit technical, the CCleaner Pro can restore the files if anything goes bad during the scanning process. Other types of CCleaner are simple to use; however, they provide very little information.

The effectiveness of this utility heavily depends on what you want. Though its scanning is not that fast when compared to other similar tools, but it is the best when it comes to maintaining your privacy. Registry cleaning rarely happens, and if it happens, it is only with a few Window versions.

Though the removal tool is just a basic tool, it works well; however, it can occasionally display wrong information and obsolete entries that you can easily delete by your hand. In a group of cleaners, it is difficult to find a reliable cleaner with honest and effective programs, but the CCleaner pro stands out due to its effectiveness and simplicity.

CCleaner Pro

Features of CCleaner Pro key

  • . Privacy Protection- CCleaner helps to erase your browser search history and cookies so that your browsing history remains confidential and your identity also stays anonymous
  • Monitoring Tool- this allows you to improve on your system in real-time by removing all the unwanted files, deleting temporary files, or cleaning the cache
  • Faster Computer-once all the unwanted files have been removed, your computer will now run faster
  • File Recovery- the back system enables you to recover your files if the process goes wrong
  • . Disk Defragmentation
  •  Automatic Updates

Benefits of CCleaner Pro keygen:

1. Safe Browsing

Websites and advertisers track your online behavior by using cookies which remain on your computer. CCleaner helps to erase your browser search history and cookies so that your browsing history remains confidential and your identity also stays anonymous.

2. Quick StartUp

When you fire-up your computer, many program run in the background. CCleaner Pro ensures that your computer fires up faster by disabling unnecessary programs.

3. Faster computer

As your computer gets old, it will start to run slow because it has accumulated many unused files which have taken up the hard drive space making to run slow. CCleaner will remove these files and make it instantly run faster.

4. Fewer Crashes and errors

As you continue using your computer, the registry becomes cluttered with broken settings and errors, and this might lead to crashes. CCleaners patented registry helps to clean out all this clutter for your PC to remain stable.

System requirements:

  • Supports Windows Vista/XP/ 7/8/8.1/10
  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems
  • 1 GB RAM minimum space
  • 600 MB of hard disk space

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