Microsoft Office 2003 Product Key Free For You!

Microsoft Office 2003 Product Key Latest 100% Working

Since the inception of automated documentation, the prime software that made office tasks simpler and easier is Microsoft Office. Presently, the office suite has the widest range of application and unanimously the most spread office software in the world. Maintaining a gargantuan number of clients is invariably an arduous task, especially when most of them get frustrated with the highly priced license keys. This article discusses the “What’s” and “How’s” associated with it.

Almost anyone who utilized the software has come across the activation protocol and the challenges faced during it. Users, however, still prefer the famed office suite although there is a growing number of competitors. The biggest problem is when the software product needs to be activated or upgraded. Slapped with an expensive tag, repurchasing the software or the product key itself is a hurting thought. Consequently, people have begun exploring ways to resolve this problem – use a free key available on the internet or download a pirated version of the software.

The Free Product Key and Its Locations

Getting your hands on the free product key is a seamless task. However, downloading and installing the right one signifies the challenge. Some of the methods below provide a solution:

  • By incorporating the right keywords, anyone could find the correct license key without scavenging through multiple websites.
  • For temporary users, they can download the trial version from the official website as a provisional solution. In this case, users often download Office 365 that provides the same services as Office 2003 but with several improved features. This alternative is usually preferred than to purchase a new license key for every expired office program.
  • People have to ensure the URL of the source website is valid and secure before proceeding to utilize the product key. Mostly, scammers thrive in less secure websites and transact viruses using the keys listed there.
  • Users can employ the functionality of a third-party locator program that scans Windows Registry for the license key that was previously used to activate your system. This option is valid for users looking to activate the office suite on a different computer. Although there are quite a few locator programs that does the job, users should be caution to not choose a product that accesses their credentials from the Windows Registry.

System Requirement

Installing, launching and operating the Office application demands a decent system.

  • The computer must be running at least a Pentium 4 processor for providing and optimal performance.
  • At least 128MB RAM and Windows XP operating system to allow proper functionality and without lagging.
  • A 400-MB of hard disk storage space is to facilitate the installation of the client software.

Microsoft Office 2003 Product Key Free For You!

Key Benefits

Professionals using the older version of the office suite find it challenging to look for a genuine license key when they reinstall the software or deploy them into a new computer. This encourages them to get the product key online because it is absolutely free and provides a swift solution. Besides, with step-by-step instructions, renewing the office suite becomes effortless and negates the hassle to hunt for a genuine product key.

Additionally, purchasing the license key for older versions of the software is becoming frustrating with the lack of support from the developers. They would rather the users buy a newer edition than to sell an outdated product key. To evade all these, most users opt for the better solution of getting the keys through third-party software and generic programs.

Main Cons

Although downloading and deploying the product key is totally free and easy, there are a few risks that comes with it.

  • Each cracked software has the potential to be a carrier for cyber viruses and malware that messes up one’s computer. Commonly, some bogus sites are known to “infuse” the product keys with nasty viruses to plague and obtain personal credentials from the users’ PC.
  • On top of that, unsuspecting clients regularly fall to prey through file sharing websites which lists hundreds of different versions of a product key. Amidst the lists, choosing a working licensed office suite key is absolutely challenging.
  • Some license keys that are advertised as full versions are often found to be phony and just trial versions. Users will have to try each set of the key from multiple websites just to ensure which one works for them.


The product key for an office suite is unquestionably free from any cost when downloaded from any reliable site. Besides that, a third-party locator program that is able to find the product key from a useable version of the office suite does not cost anything too. Nonetheless, the cost is $49.99 if a user intends to purchase the Microsoft Office 2003 Product Key. This is, of course, after he or she manages to find it online or in any store selling outdated software.


Irrefutably, the product key for Office 2003 is seldom purchased and universally cracked due to its soaring price and growing scarcity. People have gone to purchase newer and better versions of the office suite. Still, if a user intends to get the license key, the most viable option would be getting it from trustable tech websites. However, the risk of a computer virus attack is definitively high and must be taken into consideration when downloading from a suspicious website.

Furthermore, users need to be meticulous in choosing the valid license key to activate their product and must safely store the product key for future use. Whichever way, the 2003 office suite has already become a lesser known application with the uprising of countless other programs offering the same services for a cheaper or better yet, at zero price.

Objective Point of View

A software product key is often pirated primarily due to its price. For most Microsoft Office suites, obtaining the license key from alternate sources has become quite simple. Therefore, plentiful of keys are affected with malware or just are trial versions. Sifting through the varieties is a tedious task for the user but is important to avoid affecting his or her computer with a cyber-virus. With luck, a client could try to purchase a genuine key from the internet and activate their office suite without any hassle.

Microsoft Office 2003 Product Key :


MS FrontPage 2003:


MS Office 2003:


Download Windows 7 Loader v2.2.2 by Dar Free 2019

Download Windows 7 Loader v2.2.2 by Dar Free 2019

Possessing a stable Operating System (OS) is essential when you have tons of work to complete using the computer. With the modernization of technology, almost all jobs require at least some form of computerized interaction to take place. It will be so troublesome and unprofessional when the Windows OS in your personal computer (PC) is detected as a pirated version and constantly prompts for validation. Fortunately, we have the best and most reliable solution to this issue.

Windows 7 Loader v2.2.2 by Dar Free 2019 to restore the full and stable version of any Windows edition you are using without breaking a sweat. This unique activator is essentially a standalone software that activates Microsoft Windows version from Vista to Windows 10 without requiring a genuine product key.

The versatile program can be easily downloaded from the internet and installed effortlessly on to any machine with an OS. Once launched, the simple-yet-powerful software detects the Windows version currently in use and generates a distinctive product key that ultimately “loads” a genuine Microsoft Windows version.

In this article, we will look into the main features, system requirement, main pros, main cons and pricing of this resourceful activation program.

Download Windows Loader v2.2.2 by Dar Free 2019

Main Features

Developed by a team called Daz, the software is well arranged and organized. Some of the key features that make it stand out from the other loaders are listed below:

  • The software is extremely small (just 3.8MB), widely available on the net and absolutely easy to install.
  • Recently included a valid OEM SLP Key specialized for Windows Server 2012 R2 version.
  • The software has comprised an abundance of new keys, SLICs, and various other certificates.
  • Multilingual support is newly added to cater to global communities.
  • A refreshing and updated user-interface makes navigation much simpler and self-explanatory.
  • 100% free without hidden charges or premium fees.

System Requirement

It does not matter what edition of OS you are using, the Windows Loader v2.2.2 by Dar Free is able to launch perfectly. Moreover, the software supports a wide range of Windows version ranging from Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and even Windows 10. No compatibility issues were reported by the users utilizing the activation program.

Additionally, the versatile software functions well with both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. So, users need not worry about not being able to run the loader on their computer. Most current generation systems are equipped with Windows 64-bit type due to performance stability and larger Random-Access Memory (RAM) operation. The adept loader is even able to activate a complex Windows structure with these high-end functionalities.

Main Benefits

Users are relying greatly on this activator software because it is absolutely 100% free, easy to use and gets the job done. Apart from that, there are some selected key areas which the Windows Loader v2.2.2 shines.

  • The software is ultimately available for various different versions of Windows. Besides residential use, the loader is ideal for business owners having Windows Server and Windows Multipoint Server in their system.
  • A smart algorithm bypasses the validation prompted by Windows to check for genuine products.
  • The software is 100% clean from virus/malware and is based on the open-source This means other people can contribute to bolstering the performance of the loader without a single cost.
  • The program is entirely operational with virtual machines.
  • It can activate Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 2016 packages without demanding any plugin or additional installation files.
  • The program creates a unique activation key for your PC that resembles a genuine Windows product key to alleviate duplicate keys being stored in the program.

Every user will be incredibly pleased with the service that is provided by this proficient program. Moreover, with regular updates and reliable support, a user can expect immediate help from the developers when his/her activation process goes wrong.

Main Disadvantage

Like any other crack or keygen software, the loader will be detected as a threat by most antivirus programs the moment you initiate a download from the internet. This is a false-positive and can be overcome by temporarily disabling the antivirus service. When installation of the activation software is finished, the antivirus program can be reauthorized. This is the only hurdle that needs to be fixed whenever a fresh installation is introduced.

Although the antivirus is disabled only for a moment, the computer is still susceptible to threats from the internet. Therefore, after downloading the loader, users are advised to disconnect from the internet until the installation is done. The precaution step is significant to close doors on potential malware that might slide through when antivirus protection is down. Apart from this one matter, the loader program is utterly beneficial from the moment you launch the application.


The developers do not charge their customers a single cent for this extraordinary software. That means the loader is absolutely 100% free and does not employ cheap tactics like hidden charges and paid-features to invisibly siphon out money. The software is available on the internet and ready to be downloaded at the user’s convenience.


As a quick summary, the Windows Loader v2.2.2 by Dar Free 2019 offers remarkable activation services for almost every Windows version and edition starting from Vista up to Windows 10. Furthermore, the activator packs in a punch albeit weighing no more than 4MB. It is simple, efficient, easy to use and more importantly, supports a wide range of Windows platform.

Besides, the activation software bypasses Windows genuine validation effectively and capably produces a unique product key similar to the one generated by Microsoft. Furthermore, the flexible software doubles as an activator for Microsoft Office applications too, making it the ultimate activation program everyone should have. Although the program can only be installed properly after disabling the antivirus, the benefits enjoyed after that compensate the temporary glitch equally.

Overall, whenever Microsoft Windows requires activation, the standalone program by Daz team is the best solution out there to carry out the process.

Objective Point of View

The key features observed from the activation program are free to use, support for plenty of Windows versions, multilingual support, updated keys and certificates, virus-free software and unique key generation for every PC. The only issue is during installation, the antivirus has to be disabled because the installation file is detected as a virus. This common practice is performed whenever a cracked software is being installed. Apart from that, the loader is absolutely useful for everyone looking to activate their expired Windows version.

Office 2010 Activator Free For You 2019

Office 2010 activator are tools for you to activate your Microsoft Office 2010

office 2010 activator is a software used to activate Microsoft office 2010. What is Microsoft office? It is a set of office suite programs, applications, servers and services. The software was developed by Microsoft and launched in the year 1990. Microsoft office 2010 is a version of the software released in the year 2010. From a commercial point of view, the product was a huge success. It sold over 300 million licences before sales were discontinued in Jan 31st 2013.

Main features of the software

  • The inclusion of office web applications. Office 2010 introduced a new group of web-based apps. They include online editions of services being offered e.g. word and excel. The applications works via windows live in conjunction with SharePoint.
  • Increased number of inbuilt themes. Microsoft increased the number of themes to 40. Themes could now be used across all platforms i.e. Excel, PowerPoint etc. This guarantees consistency in the outlook of your documents.
  • Addition of paste and backstage features. Some of the features added include a live view paste option. It enables users to see how your clipboard items will look like. The backstage view brings a new approach to customizing and managing your documents.
  • Improved security settings. Added features such as “protection mode.” Revamped author settings and restricted editing helps in securing your documents.
  • Improved multimedia editing options. The software improved its image editing options. In-video editing was introduced. They also added features such as screen capturing and video cutting.
  • Ability to customize ribbons. This feature enables users to reorganize multiple tabs and tools. Administrators were now able to design and issue customized ribbons to users. Customized ribbons gave users complete control over their design. Users also get to choose what items appear on its tabs.
  • Advanced menu system. The updated menu system has a new outlook and layout. It provides structured information based on various details. Details could range from files size, permissions and modifications. A new print and print preview menu was introduced.

Office 2010 Activator Free For You 2019

System requirements for installation

  • Processor speed of 500 MHz or faster.
  • 0GB available hard disk space.
  • Display resolution of 1024X576 or higher.
  • At least 256MB RAM. For advanced functionality and graphics features, 512MB is highly recommended.
  • Operating system e.g. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Vista.
  • DirectX 9.0 graphics card with at least 64MB video memory. This enables graphics hardware acceleration.

Installation process

Office 2010 can be installed from a disc. In case one does not have a disc, you can download the software via the internet. Once the disc/software is acquired, use the following steps to install Office 2010.

  • For disc users, insert the disc into a readable drive. A setup wizard should start automatically. This applies to both users.
  • After the setup wizard opens, follow the default instructions given. You can choose to do a custom install or personally select your preferred destination folder.

In most cases a product key is required to install the software. After installation is complete, activation is required to keep your programs fully functioning.

How to activate Office 2010

After successfully installing office 2010 in your PC, the company gives you a 30 day trial period. When the trial period elapses, one is required to activate the software. Failure to do so leads to limited and reduced functionality

If you wish to activate Office 2010 without a product key, the Office 2010 activator would be of great use. As mentioned earlier, the software activates Office 2010 products. Examples of Office 2010 activators include:

Office 2010 Activator Free For You 2019

  1. KMSpico

KMSpico is an activator tool used to activate Microsoft Office and Windows products. It ensures unlimited activation for all Windows or Office products. Built-in features make the software undetectable to Microsoft servers.

Downloading and installing the software

Here are some of the steps required for downloading and installing the KMS tool.

  • Make sure that the firewall and all antivirus software are turned off.
  • Visit the official site to download the application.
  • Once the PC downloads the application, install it on your PC.
  • After installing the activator, locate the installation directory. Look for the folder KMSPICO.
  • Once you find the folder, open the file KMSeldi.exe to run the application.

How it works

  • Initiate the activation process by clicking on the activation button.
  • Right-click the install icon. This enables the setup to work on your PC system.
  • When the process is complete, restart your computer to activate all Office 2010 products.

Advantages of KMSpico activator

  • Activation lasts a lifetime.
  • Certain features make it hard to detect by Microsoft servers.
  • Constant updates help in keeping your products genuine.
  • Free from malware and viruses.
  • Accessible to all users for no price.
  • Does not require the internet for its activation process.
  • Size occupied by the application is relatively small.
  1. Re-loader activator

It activates all versions of Microsoft products. Similar to the KMSpico activator.

Downloading and installation process

  • First ensure that the firewall and anti-virus systems are turned off.
  • Download and extract the re-loader activator from the official website
  • Follow the instructions and guidelines given to install the applications.

How it works

  • After installation open the application.
  • Follow the instructions given to activate Office 2010.

NB: Unlike the KMSpico activator, one does not require to restart the computer to activate your product.


  • Small in size as compared to other applications.
  • Quick in performing activation procedures.
  • One does not require network access to activate your products.
  • Availability of tools used for scanning and recommending activation procedures to be chosen for your Microsoft product.
  • Free to download and use.
  1. Microsoft tool kit

One of the best tools users can use to activate Microsoft products.

How it works

  • First disable the firewall and anti-virus system.
  • Open the control panel, go to systems and security.
  • Click on change user account control settings and select never notify.
  • Download the Microsoft tool kit from the following source
  • Once the download is complete install the software and open the application.
  • Run the program with administration rights.
  • An activation tab pops up, click on ‘EZ-Activator’. After a few seconds your product will be activated.


The office 2010 activator is a resourceful tool that users can benefit from to activate Office 2010 products. The application is simple to use and easy to understand. It also proves to be beneficial to users in that they can enjoy Office 2010 products for free.

Windows 7 Activator free for You 2019

Windows 7 Activator is Free tools for you to activate your Microsoft Windows 7

Windows 7, proved to be one the most popular operating system since the old Windows 95, was launched by Microsoft on October 22, 2009, and is available in six different editions.

Windows 7 is the seventh Microsoft operating system followed by Windows Vista. Windows 7 came up with many new features, and like the older Window versions, it has a graphical user interface.

In October 2012, it was overthrown by Windows 8 but Microsoft continues to make it available for use and extended its validity up to January 2020.

Windows 7: The Best Security Software Ever!

Among the various reasons for why you should install Windows 7 over other operating systems, the security features which Windows 7 offers are the most appreciable one.

To compensate the drawbacks of Windows Vista, its predecessor, Windows 7 is designed with an in-built software for enhancing its security measures. Not only the management is boosted, but the process to access it and use the security functions, has also become easier.

Making use of BitLocker, a data protecting software, Windows 7 secure and handle computer data extremely competently. Altogether, the best protection you can ever get from an OS, against the virus or any other troublesome software, is through Windows 7.

Wait! There’s a lot more!

Along with a remarkable security administration, Windows 7 carries with itself a huge bunch of skillful and innovative characteristics. Some of the salient features of Windows 7 are mentioned below-

  • Advanced touch
  • Improved Handwringing recognition
  • Better performance
  • 13 additional sound schemes
  • Library for multiple folders
  • Windows Explorer 8
  • Multiple new items in control panel
  • Supports virtual hard disk
  • Eye-catching themes

Installation And Activation

As you are now familiar with the specialties of Windows 7, the next step is to install it. Hence, we now aim to inform you about the ways to install and activate it on your computer system. But before that let us establish a clear cut difference between the two processes: installation and activation. Installation requires a specific code that is, a product key whereas, activation doesn’t.

Windows 7 Activator

As you know, installing an OS requires a product key. But there are certain tools available which can activate Windows without a valid product key. Activation is the prior operation while starting up an OS for a computer system. The role of the activators is to stop the installation of a particular copy of Windows on more than one computer system.

Need For Activating Windows

The process of activating Windows is a significant one as:

  • It ensures that the copy of the operating system you are going to install is a real one.
  • It associates your computer system with a unique authorized copy of Windows.
  • Activating Windows, you can experience flawless performance with quick response and less inconvenience.
  • Without activating Windows, you are restricted from running many of the crucial programs on your desktop like mail, calendar, office etc.
  • No updates are available for a Windows Operating system which is unlicensed, that is inactivated.
  • Microsoft supports only genuine copies of its operating system.

Top 3 Windows 7 Activator

Although there are many typical procedures to activate Windows, you can do it online too. Several Windows 7 activator can be found on the internet to activate your Windows. You need to download them and use them to do the job for you. Here are the top three Windows activators and steps on how to use them.

  1. Microsoft Toolkit

Windows 7 Activator are tools for you to activate your Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Toolkit is one of the best tools that you can use to activate your Windows or even Microsoft office. This tool can activate most of the Microsoft Windows exist today.

How to use Microsoft Toolkit

Step 1.  First of all, you need to download and start Microsoft toolkit.exe

Step 2. Click on the Windows icon present on the bottom right

Step 3. Click on “check system” from the tab pointed as product keys tab and get to know about your operating system

Step 4. After having details about your OS, choose product and edition. And then click install.

Step 5. Click on EZ-activator from the activation tab and hold back for a while till the operation completes.

  1. KMSAutoLite

Windows 7 Activator are tools for you to activate your Microsoft Windows 7

KMSAutoLite is also free and easy to access Windows activator. It instantly performs the task for you and activates your Windows in just one click.

How to use KMSAutoLite

Step 1. Download KMSAutoLite activator for Windows 7 and from its archive folder, extract all of its files.

Step 2. Now start KMS Auto Net.exe file and click on the activation button.

Step 3. Finally, restart your device and your Windows 7 is activated.

  1. KMSPico


KMSPico is also another tool used for activating Windows 7. It is easily available on the internet for you to download it.

How to use KMSPico

Step 1. Download the KMSPico for Windows 7.

Step 2. Right-click on the downloaded Rar file and select extract here. This will add KMSPico tool on to your computer.

Step 3. Now start and run KMSpico.exe and click the red button.

Step 4. Restart your system and you are all done.


Microsoft has done a terrific job by launching an operating system like Windows 7. It is much better than the previous OS and has performed exceptionally well in implementing many new features like advancements in overall performance, user interface, support for additional file formats, enhanced boot execution and kernel enhancements.

There are plenty of Windows 7 activator like Microsoft toolkit, KMSAutoLite and KMSPico that are available on the internet and can be used to activate Windows 7 on your PC. You can use any of these activators and they will make sure that your Windows is activated and ensure that your system runs smoothly.

So far you’ve read about the peculiarity of Windows 7 which enables it to dominate the software market. So without giving a second thought install Windows 7 on your PC legally and activate it using any of the above-mentioned conventional activators.

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Office 2019 Activator Free for You

Office 2019 activator are best tools for you to activate your Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Corporation, the global company initiated by Bill Gates and Paul Allen has been dominating the technological market for a long time. It is professionally renowned for advancing, authorizing and manufacturing computer software.

Although, all the products which Microsoft supplies are on the top of their respective fields but the products which promoted Microsoft the most are its set of operating systems and Office. Microsoft Office defeated OpenOffice by virtue of many features.

OpenOffice is another suite for office productivity launched by Apache Software Foundation. However, here we are going to explore more about the Microsoft Office series than OpenOffice. Moreover, Microsoft Office 2019 is discussed in detail.

Some Common Features Of An Office

The Office is used for systemizing data. Each component is featured to perform some or the other specific function to arrange, manage and secure data as per your need. Further, every office suite enables you to-

  • Secure Date And Time Of Your Document
  • Share Data Easily
  • Customize watermarks
  • Tag the PDFs

About Microsoft Office

Microsoft offers a bundle of software for professional users. This set of high-yielding applications is named as Microsoft Office. The components of Office are mentioned below-

  • Microsoft Word– a word processor
  • Microsoft Excel– a spreadsheet editor
  • Microsoft PowerPoint– a program for presentations
  • Microsoft Outlook– a personal information manager
  • Microsoft Access– a database management system
  • Microsoft Publisher– an app for desktop publishing
  • Microsoft OneNote– a program for taking notes
  • Microsoft Project-a project management app

Points for Difference Between OpenOffice And Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Office is equipped with many such features which lack in Open Office.
  • Microsoft is faster than OpenOffice
  • Both use a different format. It is ISO standard ODF for OpenOffice whereas ISO standard OOXML for Microsoft Office.
  • OpenOffice can be used on any platform while Microsoft allows its Office to be supported only by Windows and Mac.
  • Redistribution of products is allowed in OpenOffice whereas it banned in Microsoft Office.
  • Microsoft charges you whereas OpenOffice is free.

to know more about use: windows 10 activator

About Microsoft Office 2019

Office 2019 Activator Free for You

Microsoft Office 2019 activator is the most recently launched Office software by Microsoft. It was released in 2018 on different dates for different countries. Microsoft has launched the commercial preview for Microsoft Office 2019 for Windows 10 and Mac. It is designed to boost the experience of its users by overcoming the drawbacks of Office 365 (Office 365 is one of the versions of Microsoft Office). It possesses all the features of basic Office software and many new characteristics as well.

New Features

  • It enables you to add visual impacts.
  • One of its components, Microsoft translator can efficiently translate words, phrases or sentences.
  • Microsoft Office 2019 makes it possible for the users to form mathematical equations via LaTaX syntax.
  • You can add charm to your slides by introducing motion effect to them. This graphical improvement and object motion is empowered by Morph.
  • Zoom in or zoom out without disturbing your presentations. Jump from one slide to another easily.
  • It enables you to process your slides using your digital pen.
  • 11 new chart types are added.
  • The inking features are modified. Hence, you can now draw and write on elements of Microsoft Office more easily.

Microsoft Office 2019: Downloading

There are two situations you may face while downloading Microsoft.

  • You want to update to Office 2019 from the previous version of office already activated in your device or,
  • You are freshly switching to office 2019.

Simply, do as suggested in the particular situation to download Office 2019.

  • To ensure that MS Office 2019 works fine, you need to uninstall the previous version of MS Office completely before installing MS Office 2019.
  • But if you are a subscriber of Office 365, you don’t need to worry about anything as it will automatically upgrade your MS Office to the latest version.
  • And if you are using MS Office 2016 or earlier version, just go here to get the download link for the latest version from Microsoft Homepage. You can download any of the three editions of Microsoft Office 2019.

Microsoft Office 2019 Activation

Microsoft has launched the official version of Microsoft Office 2019 after previewing several beta versions. And this time it is the stable one and unlike previous versions it never shows any ruinous error. Microsoft Office 2019 comes in three fresh editions named as Professional Plus, Project You and Viso You. But there’s a matter of concern for Windows 8.1 or older Windows users as Microsoft Office 2019 only runs on Windows 10. That means Microsoft is forcing its users to switch to Windows 10.

Microsoft Office 2019 Activators

Activators are the tools that are used to activate Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. You can find several activators on the internet. Any of them can serve for your purpose. KMSPico 11 is one such medium. KMSPico is helpful as you don’t need to spend your money for purchasing different activation keys for different products every time. Microsoft Toolkit and other activation tools can also do the same for you.

Office 2019 Activator Free for You


Here are the steps that you need to follow to activate Microsoft Office 2019 without the product key.

Step 1. First of all, download a copy of Microsoft Office 2019.

Step 2.  Just click on the link below. It will take you to another page. Copy the codes which you’ll see thereafter and make it a document.

(Click here to Copy)

Step 2. After pasting the code to a new text file, secure it in the form of a batch file.

Step 3. Then right-click on this batch file and select run as administrator.

Step 4. Wait for a while and you are done. MS Office 2019 is activated.


The article is all about Office, a set of software used for productivity and data analysis. Although there are several office programs, Microsoft is above all due to the marvellous features which it offers. It is easy to use and reliable as well. Office 2019 is the on-going Microsoft Office. This version has upgraded the users’ experience by presenting a bunch of modified features. The ways to download and activate this trendy version of Microsoft Office are also discussed. Encounter it yourself!

How To Activate Windows 10 Without Product Key

How To Activate Windows 10 Without Product Key? i will share trick today

It’s been a long time since Windows 10, a series of the operating system was launched. But still, it is the latest and the greatest Operating system launched by Microsoft ever. It succeeded Windows 8.1, before 3 years from now on July 15, 2015. Windows 10 comes in twelve different editions. Windows 10, apart from its attractive and polished interface, offers a lot more. It is improved in many departments like security, usability, multitasking, gaming, start button and many more.

With Windows 10, Meet Your Desires All Together!

The objective here is to answer the question ‘why should you switch to Windows 10?’ or ‘what are the benefits of installing Windows 10?’.

Definitely, new hardware needs Windows 10, as PCs with Windows 10 have special ability to perform a wide range of rousing new tasks. Windows 10 for sure came up with so many improvements that were always required in Windows 8/8.1. But let’s discuss only the most significant features that will make you switch your Windows to Windows 10.

  1. The swiftness that you acquire from Windows 10 while performing any task, cannot be obtained using any other OS. The users who were used to with the slower speed of Windows 7 or 8, could definitely be thunderstruck by the pace of Windows 10. In fact, your overall experience of working on Windows 10 will be extraordinary and refreshing.
  2. Hopefully, with Windows 10, we have observed major security improvements. With Windows 10, we get the upgraded secure boot feature. Also, Windows 10 adds Windows Hello, Device Guard and Microsoft Passport as security features.
  3. One of the significant modification that you’ll notice in Windows 10 is the popular start button. To add simplicity, though Windows 10 opens up with the popular start button, it keeps the tile portal from Windows 8/8.1. Improvement in touch screen functionality is another considerable feature that adds up to the new OS.
  4. Multiple Desktops. With this new feature, you can run a whole new set of Windows like you are on the second screen just like in some high-end smartphones. This feature makes multitasking extremely easy for users.

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Requirements Of Windows 10

Whether a particular OS is being supported by your PC or not, relies on certain features of your device (computer system). Every operating system requires a particular set of characteristics to let itself get installed. If your PC owns the respective necessary specifications, you are free to introduce that particular operating system to your device.

Here you have the list of preconditions for Windows 10 installation. Your device can definitely run Windows 10 if your system meets these minimum requirements.

  • Processor- 1 GHz or faster.
  • Hard Disk Storage- At least 20 GB.
  • RAM- At least 2 GB for 64-bit OS and 1 GB for 32-bit OS.
  • Graphics Card- DirectX 9 or better.
  • Display Resolution- 800×600 or bigger.

Installing Windows 10

Being the latest and upgraded operating system, Windows 10 worth running on your PC. To make it a medium of your technological voyage, you just have to perform two processes: Downloading and Installing.

  • Download: In order to run and experience Windows 10 on your device, you should first download it. It is a simple step as Microsoft allows its users to download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft Official site.
  • Install: You might have installed an operating system earlier. Installing Windows 10 is installed in the same manner. (further details are mentioned in the upcoming sections).

Conditions For Installing Windows 10 Without A Product Key

For Windows 10 installation, whether a product key is required or not relies on certain conditions under which the installation is being processed. The situation may be one of the following-

  • Upgrading From Other Authorized Renowned OS: Such a situation arises when you already have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 properly installed on your device and you want to upgrade Windows 10 over them. The installation process hereby doesn’t require a product key.
  • Clean Installation From Already Upgraded Media: For such a case, the product key requirement can be ignored.
  • Clean Installation From Never Updated Media: In such situations, entering a product key becomes essential.

Basic Need-to-know Facts

  • A Product Key: A software key to program a computer system, utilized for authorising a copy of any software to be genuine.
  • Activation: It is a process which verifies that the copy which you have used to install the OS is genuine.
  • Clean Install: When the process of installation of an operating system is followed by the removal of the current OS, the operation is called clean install.
  • Duration Of Windows 10 Installation: The time taken by the Windows 10 to complete its installation process clearly depends on the performance of the computer system. Generally, it takes 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • If you want to uninstall Windows 10 and get to the previous version, you can do that just after 10 days from installing.
  • Whether you clean install or upgrade Windows 10, it’s all up to you.
  • It takes only 2 minutes for the Windows to get activated.

Steps to Activate Windows 10 Without A Product Key

By following these easy steps, you can activate Windows 10  without a product key. The method elaborated below is called a batch file method.

  • Go to the given link.
  • Several codes will appear on the screen. What you have to do now is, copy the code and save this new document file as a batch file.
  • Name the text document as 1click.cmd.
  • Use this file as administer and run. That is simply right click on the file and click on the option run as administrator.


In this article, you are informed of the spectacular features of Windows 10 and the ways to install and activate it. While installing you should check your device’s hardware compatibility and certain other requirements.

If you want to install Windows 10 without a product key, you can do that only in certain situations. The situation is ‘upgrading over current Windows or clean installing from already uploaded media. Some technological terms and facts are also mentioned briefly.

With this method you can activate :

Windows 10 Install Key 

  • Windows 10 Home – V0YK0-FQWBT-ACWRD-BEQMK-MG46V-IWBI6
  • Windows 10 Home Single Language – LWAPL-QIT79-EJ99B-ZD0XG-ZLFIX-W4R0H
  • Windows 10 Home Country Specific – 8HG6A-QSYLD-Q78O8-9F3GQ-RT5KT-E7NM9
  • Windows 10 Education – M0CQA-64EZK-WFIE6-8HJGF-1HMCX-JB2BJ
  • Windows 10 Pro – ZXE2A-SXMPZ-L5ZSC-K9XX2-JFKE8-23NXE

Windows 10 Product Key


Windows 10 Home Single Language


Windows 10 Home Country Specific (CN)


Windows 10 Professional Product Key


Windows 10 Enterprise Product Key


screenshoot review:

How To Activate Windows 10 Without Product Key

Windows 10 Activator free for You 2019

Windows 10 Activator or activate your Microsoft Windows 10

Are you looking for good ways to activate your Windows 10? After all, you will have access to a lot of the features that were unavailable to you before, and you will get rid of the nagging notifications and pop-ups that keep asking you to activate your version of Windows 10. Problem is, with an abundance of programs and YouTube videos that promise you to be the most effective tool/method to activate Windows 10, who should you trust? As we all know by now, every video and every website wants to promote their software or increase the total number of views. It logically follows from here that you will need to depend on an impartial third-party to advise you of which tool is the best, and that’s what I’m here for. First things first, here’s a list of all the most famous activator programs:

  • Microsoft Toolkit
  • KMSAuto Lite
  • KMSpico
  • Win10 Activator Ultimate
  • Reloader Activator

We’ll delve into each of these tools in more detail right now and we’ll decide which tool is the best to achieve the desired result.

Microsoft Toolkit:

Windows 10 Activator free for You 2019

Microsoft Toolkit is quite special because it uses two modules: EZ and KMS. You can choose which module to use when you activate your Windows 10 with this activator. Moreover, it works with 32 and 64 bit operating systems (which wasn’t the case when it was first introduced as it only supported 64 bit operating systems). One added advantage is that it allows you to activate Microsoft Office for Windows 10, which is a pretty neat complimentary to the tool given that you will probably need another activation tool for Office. Microsoft Toolkit provides lifetime activation, so you won’t have to worry about Windows 10 detecting it or anything.

Before downloading it, all you have to do is turn off the Windows Firewall (it’s 100% safe to use the Toolkit, we’ve checked), download it from its website, unzip the file, run the activator and choose which product you would like to activate. You will need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect. After restarting you can check that your Windows 10 has been indeed activated. Horaay!

KMSAuto Lite:

Windows 10 Activator free for You 2019

True to its name, it uses a KMS module to activate your Windows 10. It also provides lifetime activation and you can use it to activate Microsoft Office in addition to a number of other Microsoft products. It was made to be a direct competitor to the most famous Windows 10 activator tools in our list which is the KMSpico, and the second most famous tool which is Microsoft Toolkit that we previously discussed. However, most of its features were made with the former activator in mind: From its name, to its small size (1.23 MB). It supports a number of foreign languages which is a feature that wasn’t present in Microsoft Toolkit (Understandable given that the guys who created KMSAuto are Russian), and it supports the activation of more Microsoft programs that Microsoft Toolkit. You will need to turn off the firewall before downloading it, unzip the file after downloading it, install the program and follow the instructions. It’s very easy to use as well.


Windows 10 Activator free for You 2019

You’ve probably heard about this tool quite a lot, so did I. Even before I had Windows 10 (I take my sweet time to upgrade my software) I knew about it. It’s quite famous and has the benefit of being the most reviewed and the most used. This means that if anything went south, and it happens that indie software’s functionality goes south, you will be able to find a solution to whatever problem you faced because of the big community that uses the software. Aside from that, there’s not much to say about it as it’s a very simple tool that doesn’t require much to setup and run; nothing different from the previous tools anyways. Their website has the best UI as well with a sweet design and logical order to its components, which gives the experience of using this tool a professional feel.

Windows 10 Activator Ultimate:

A less-known but no less effective than any other on this list, Win10 Activator Ultimate retrieves all MAK keys for all versions of Windows 10 on all different servers. The reason for its limited user-base is because it’s a web activator and because of its huge size which is only second to the Microsoft Toolkit. It also has no website of its own so you will have to get it from third-party websites, with all what that might entail in terms of security. I wouldn’t recommend it, but its ability to retrieve MAK keys is quite impressive all the same.

Reloader Activator:

It’s not the most famous tool in the world, much like the Win10, however, it’s not as famous because it’s the latest addition to the Windows 10 activator and it’s definitely picking up steam as one of the go-to tools to activate Windows 10. It has a pretty decent interface and it doesn’t take much time at all relative to its small size (only 2MB), and it is an offline activator so no internet connection will be needed to perform the activation successfully. It can also activate all versions of Microsoft Office in the same window you use to activate Windows 10. That means that you can activate both Windows 10 and Office in one click. I was honestly taken aback by its abilities. Perhaps the only downside I could find is the fact that it can only be downloaded through third-party websites. Aside from that, it’s as impressive a tool as any of the top activators for Windows 10.

Source: Windows 10 activator

How to activate windows 10 without product key for free 2019

So, which Windows 10 Activator would I recommend? I’d probably go with KMSpico because of the support community. A skeptic at heart, I want to use software that has been tried and tested by as many people as possible before me. And I want to use it knowing that anything goes wrong, I would be able to find a solution easily without having to go to that infamous 2nd page of Google.

product key activation for windows 10